August 20, 2015 – Podcast Marketing Tom Schwab & International Evangelist Alec Karys

August 20, 2015 – Podcast Marketing Tom Schwab & International Evangelist Alec Karys

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Thomas M. Schwab – Podcast Marketing Guru and Inbound Engineer at Inbound for eCommerce

Tom Schwab is an experienced entrepreneur, writer, and speaker. He started in the medical sales industry and eventually became a medical distribution entrepreneur. He still owns one of the largest distribution companies of crutches in the US. But he also realized he had a passion for empowering entrepreneurs, solopreneuers and small business owners. He helps them to easily understand and use digital tools to build a scalable automated sales and marketing machines. He built an inbound marketing agency focused on working with high potential entrepreneurs and small business owners to take them beyond just an efficient transaction to become a profitable lifetime brand. Tom gives them the automated machine that empowers them to turn content into cash. Today, we discuss his great success using podcast interviews and marketing to drive sales. Learn about webinars here, see the 6 steps info graphic here, and see his classes here.
Tom Schwab Tom Schwab

Alec Karys – International Start-up Evangelist 

Alec Karys started as a software engineer, eventually working at mid-size to large corporations,  but realized he really enjoyed working at smaller companies in an entrepreneurial  setting. He served as the Chief Technology Officer at mShopper , and at, he served as a Senior Software Manager, responsible for all technical aspects of the Amazon Affiliates Program. He has been supporting  entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial organizations for the last fifteen years, as a mentor and as an angel investor. Alec serves as a  Mentor at MassChallenge, a Boston based start-up  accelerator, and as a Mentor at MIT EF, an Athens based start-up  accelerator. Alec was a Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Synapse Ventures Group. He has two issued patents in medical protocol authoring and delivery, and one issued patent  in mobile commerce. Alec holds M.B.A. and B.E.T . degrees  from Northeastern University and attended the Stanford University Engineering Executive Program.
Alec KarysAlec Karys

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