April 12, 2024 – GoComet Gautam Jain and Russian Election Interference Chris Zappone

April 12, 2024 – GoComet Gautam Jain and Russian Election Interference Chris Zappone

Gautam Jain – CEO and Co-Founder of GoComet

Gautam Jain

Gautam Jain is the driving force behind GoComet and a disruptor in the world of logistics. A computer science graduate and top-ranking alumnus of IIT Delhi, Gautam is reshaping supply chain visibility with a bold vision and a passion for transforming the supply chain industry. While he was still in college at IIT Delhi, and along with several classmates, Gautam embarked on a tech journey with real estate startup Plat in 2014, which was acquired by Housing.com in 2015. This transformative experience ignited their ambition to tackle the complexities of another traditionally “unsexy” industry. In 2016, when Gautam and his associates first experienced exporting products from China and selling on Amazon in the US, they identified a glaring gap: while apps tracked cabs and food deliveries in real-time, the location of a $100,000 container remained an enigma in transit. With opportunity knocking, they launched GoComet to address the inefficiencies in logistics. Six months later, GoProcure, the maiden product, hit the market. Today, GoComet is on a mission to replace archaic logistics processes with AI-powered solutions. Significant milestones include: -Tracked more than 1.5 million containers globally -Secured first 500 customers -G2 quadrant leader in Supply Chain Visibility, Freight Management and Transport Management Systems (Winter 2023).

Chris Zappone – Digital Foreign Editor at The Age and Host of Dark Shining Moment Podcast

Chris Zappone

Chris Zappone is Digital Foreign Editor at The Age, I help drive coverage of international events for a leading Australian media outlet. I commission, direct, and edit stories filed by The Age and Sydney Morning Herald’s correspondents and write breaking news. My background is in equal parts geopolitics, economics, markets, and technology. My current role has given me the privilege to work with the most talented and ambitious journalists and editors in the region. In recent years, the stories I’ve been involved with include Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the COVID-19 pandemic, and cyber war. I write and edit across platforms and help produce podcast audio on these subjects. Additionally, I write analysis, commentary, and features, particularly in areas related to technology’s disruption of international politics. He has presented on related subjects at SXSW in the US and testified to Parliament on the political risk of social media manipulation. Chris was also an inaugural member of the National Security College’s Futures Hub in 2017. Chris writes about the interplay between technology and politics, economics, ideology, US politics, space, and the future. He also produces commentary and analysis on the broader challenges to democracy from the new information ecosystem. Before working in international news, Chris reported on the economy and business at The Age and Sydney Morning Herald. He also contributed stories on Australia’s political and economic news for the Nikkei Asian Review and the Economist Intelligence Unit. Prior to The Age, Chris worked at CNN Money and Fortune.