April 15, 2024 – Fractional SaaS Guru Anthony Nitsos and iFlex Franchise Lyle Myers

April 15, 2024 – Fractional SaaS Guru Anthony Nitsos and iFlex Franchise Lyle Myers

Anthony Nitsos –

Anthony Nitsos

Anthony Nitsos is CEO and Founder of SaaS Gurus, is a seasoned financial strategist with a unique background in human medicine and finance. Since establishing SaaS Gurus in January 2020, he’s devoted to delivering fractional CFO services tailored to SaaS startups’ distinct needs. With a proven track record, Anthony excels in elevating financial strategy, addressing root causes of challenges, and driving company value. His expertise extends beyond finance, providing insights into sales operations, HR, and risk management. Nitsos has contributed to unicorn exits, such as Duo Security ($2.35B to Cisco) and LLamasoft ($1.5B to Coupa). Anthony empowers SaaS startup CEOs and Founders with holistic business insights, redefining the CFO role in the dynamic SaaS finance world.

Lyle Myers – Chief Development Officer at iFlex Franchise

Lyle Myers

Lyle Myers is Chief Development Officer at iFlex Franchise, a unique business with opportunities to create Stretch Studios that seeks to ease pain and prevent potential injuries by utilizing professional assisted stretching techniques. Lyle’s entrepreneurial journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of strategic excellence, particularly in franchise investing and recurring revenue models. With a wealth of experience spanning diverse sectors such as Franchising, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Beverage, and Retail. Lyle has not only demonstrated a keen ability to identify strategic opportunities but has also excelled in navigating the complexities of change required to leverage those opportunities. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Lyle is adept at developing and executing business plans and also has a unique knack for steering organizations through ongoing development. His visionary leadership has translated into noteworthy achievements in Sales, Marketing, Business Development, and Brand Building, making him a sought-after guest for podcasts delving into the nuances of investing and franchise success.