April 22, 2024 – AI Legal Expert David Siegel and Entertainment Backend Engine Oli Strong

April 22, 2024 – AI Legal Expert David Siegel and Entertainment Backend Engine Oli Strong

David Siegel – AI Legal Expert

David Siegel

David Siegel is a Silicon Valley startup attorney at Grellas Shah, LLP. He is an accomplished startup lawyer and litigator who has extensive experience with our firm in handling a broad range of corporate, transactional, and intellectual property matters, including work on multi-million dollar financings and acquisitions, all in addition to having deep expertise in handling complex intellectual property, corporate, and commercial litigation matters. Prior to joining Grellas Shah, David worked for five years at the nationally recognized firm of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, initially out of its New York office and subsequently out of Palo Alto. He has a keen interest in working with startups and has worked closely with early-stage companies since joining the firm while expanding his expertise in the startup field. David is licensed to practice in California and New York. He has extensive experience in both state and federal courts and has done in-depth work connected with SEC investigations, including managing a team of 30 lawyers in defending a client in a particularly intensive investigation.

Oli Strong – COO of Magma

Oli Strong

Oli Strong is the COO of Magma Studios, a software called Magma to make digital art projects multiplayer, client-centric, and more efficient. Game/digital art studios using Magma can work on cloud-based projects, allowing them to access projects from any device. It allows work on a project with up to 50 people at once, seeing the real-time creativity at work (making art multiplayer). Clients and team members can give each other immediate feedback via videos, voice notes, etc. The impact allows a 25% reduction in project delivery time, 32% less time spent in meetings, 40% fewer revisions per cycle, and a 72% increase in employee satisfaction. Magma will be at the Game Developer Conference next month and Oli will be talking about empowering co-creation and licensing at scale.