April 24, 2024 – Passive Online Biz Investing Kyle Kuderewski and Financial Modeling Education Chris Reilly

April 24, 2024 – Passive Online Biz Investing Kyle Kuderewski and Financial Modeling Education Chris Reilly

Kyle Kuderewski – Operations Manager at WebStreet – Investing in Online Businesses 

Kyle Kuderewski

Kyle Kuderewski is the Operations Manager at WebStreet (formerly Empire Flippers Capital), and is a dynamic individual with a wealth of expertise in passive investing, entrepreneurship, alternative investments, and remote work. With a background in engineering management and a master’s degree in project management, Kyle brings a unique perspective to the world of online business investing. Kyle’s journey from the corporate world to WebStreet began when he discovered the potential of online businesses while exploring real estate investments. Intrigued by the opportunities offered by then-Empire Flippers (online biz brokers), he immersed himself in their culture and quickly realized that their approach to online business investing aligned perfectly with his goals. Recognizing the need for passive investment options in the online business industry, Kyle joined WebStreet, where he now leads the charge of making online businesses a passive investment opportunity for accredited investors. WebStreet operates a first-of-its-kind investment platform that matches experienced operators of online businesses with accredited investors.

Chris Reilly – Founder of Financial Modeling Education – Designing Financial Models and Selling Online Courses

Chris Reilly

Chris Reilly is a finance professional with a unique journey that began during the 2008 financial crisis, working on Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy. He transitioned from consulting to Senior Analyst roles at Hilton Worldwide, providing exposure to the world of private equity. With self-taught expertise in LBO financial models, Chris spent nearly a decade in middle-market private equity in Denver. In 2020, he founded Financial Modeling Education, where he imparts advanced financial modeling skills in a relatable manner. An influential LinkedIn figure with 85,000+ followers, Chris simplifies the intricate finance landscape, sharing his extensive knowledge of private equity, FP&A, and financial modeling.