April 25, 2016 – Presidential Fellow Vidya Spandana, Fifth Third Bank Survey Data Jada Grandy & Never About Money Pegi Burdick

April 25, 2016 – Presidential Fellow Vidya Spandana, Fifth Third Bank Survey Data Jada Grandy & Never About Money Pegi Burdick

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Vidya Spandana – Presidential Innovation Fellow and Co Founder of Popily

Vidya Spandana is a tech entrepreneur and a founder of Popily.com – provides data analytics-as-a-service for software teams. She is also a founder of The Flow Collective – innovation as a service for emerging communities, and a founder of DMV.org – one of the earliest successful govtech companies. Vidya served her term of duty as a Presidential Innovation Fellow working to bring President Obama’s Executive Order on Open Data to life. She has served as president of the board for CodeScouts, a non-profit for supporting underrepresented communities to learn to code and as strategic advisor to the City of Portland on the Early Adopter Program. Today Vidya serves on two boards, for the Oregon Innovation Council, and for the Presidential Innovation Fellows Foundation. Vidya has been a mentor and advisor at various early-stage venture firms and startup accelerators such as TechStars, KickLabs and Astia. She is also a co-host of Partially Derivative, the popular data science podcast. For more information on Vidya’s work, please visit: vidyaspandana.com 
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Jada Grandy – Senior Vice President, Regional Director, Community & Economic Development at Fifth Third Bank

Jada Grandy is Senior Vice President and Regional Director of Community & Economic Development at Fifth Third Bank. She is responsible for the oversight of the banks CRA Compliance Program and Community Development Initiatives in Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia. The New Pittsburgh Courier named her a 40 under 40 winner in 2009 and she won the Womens Empowerment Award in 2009. In 2011, Jada won the Celebrate & Share Women of Achievement Award and the Urban League Young Professionals Central Carolina Leadership Award. Jada is with us to share the results from a small business survey that Fifth third has just completed.
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Pegi Burdick – Owner of The Financial Whisperer

Pegi Burdick is called the “The Financial Whisperer.” Her work is to gently probe her clients’ memories, revealing old emotions that disrupt their behavior around money. Together, they untangle those emotions from their finances, bringing clarity, relief and freedom of choice to their lives. One client even told her that she felt as if I had saved her from drowning. This is powerful stuff, and Pegi feels a great responsibility to use this gift for good. She left the mortgage industry years ago to help as many people as she could uncover the truth about how their subconscious feelings affect their finances. As we all know, the truth can be harsh, soPegi is careful to temper her work with compassion combining a New Yorker’s sense of humor and her own brand of tough love. She is the author of “It’s NEVER about Money…even when it is.”
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