February 29, 2024 – GoDaddy AI Laka Sriram, Strauss Naturals Wayne Elliott, and Storm Chaser Josh Morgerman

February 29, 2024 – GoDaddy AI Laka Sriram, Strauss Naturals Wayne Elliott, and Storm Chaser Josh Morgerman

Laka Sriram – V.P. of Product, U.S. Independents at GoDaddy

GoDaddy has taken all of the advancements that are happening in the tech
industry in the field of generative AI and incorporated it into our own platform.
We then bring it to our 21 million plus customers in an easy, simple way for
them to use. It is called GoDaddy Airo.

Laka Sriram is a V.P. of Product, U.S. Independents, at GoDaddy. Within his role, he focuses on building products that leverage A.I. technology to help small businesses scale and prevent them from spending time on strenuous tasks that otherwise could have been used for strategic planning. For small businesses, every second saved and every dollar spent is the difference between surviving and thriving. Despite overall use of AI in the U.S. being 73%, on average, only 26% of small business owners are utilizing AI for their business. GoDaddy Airo™ is a new solution that saves SMB owners time and money by easily taking advantage of generative AI. It is set to be a game-changer, with small businesses expecting to save more than $4,000 and 300 hours of work a year by using generative AI.

Wayne Elliott – Ship Recycling and Strauss Naturals Advocate

Pharmaceutical companies seek to treat the symptoms.
80% of heart attack victims have low cholesterol.

Wayne Elliott

Wayne Elliott is a former football and baseball player. He has been in the ship recycling business for 40 years. His company can take a 1000-foot-long ship and reduce it to a pile to reusable materials. He has grown into other areas such as battery recycling. He recounts his life-changing experience with SHD, a health supplement he stumbled upon after battling angina and its debilitating symptoms. Struggling with leg cramps, shortness of breath, night sweats, and chest pains, Wayne also grappled with anxiety and a lack of energy, resigning himself to the fate of heart-related issues that plagued his family. However, upon learning about SHD through a friend in Vancouver and being inspired by studies from renowned institutions like Harvard, Wayne decided to give it a try. Astonishingly, within two weeks of taking SHD, he noticed improvements in unexpected ways – his hearing returned, and his respiratory system cleared, leading to a significant boost in energy. Over the course of three months, Wayne transformed into a revitalized version of himself, feeling as energetic as he did decades ago. This transformation propelled him into a new phase of life where he actively engaged with others, becoming a spokesperson for Jim Strauss, the creator of SHD. Wayne’s involvement extended to radio shows and lectures, allowing him to share his incredible journey with thousands of people suffering from various health issues. His enthusiasm and dedication to natural health solutions led him to become a regular guest on radio networks in the USA and Canada, where he continued to spread the word about his positive experiences with SHD and its miraculous effects on individuals dealing with diabetes, heart disease, low energy, and clogged arteries. Wayne’s story highlights the power of painless, safe, and affordable health products, emphasizing the beauty of solutions that genuinely work. His gratitude towards Jim Strauss and the Strauss Heart Drops is profound, as he believes that without this intervention, he might not have been alive today, reinforcing the transformative impact of natural health remedies in the face of life-threatening conditions. Strauss Naturals is sponsoring the show with support for our radio-minute segments. Wayne says very simply that their products saved him. He became an advocate for the company and has been working with them for 29 years.

Josh Morgerman – Founder of iCyclone 

James Hardie siding is made of fiber cement. It is impervious to everything!
It’s impact resistant and high winds and almost completely impervious to
moisture. It doesn’t mold or rot. Termites and pests hate it. And it doesn’t burn.

Josh Morgerman

Founded by storm chaser and adrenaline junkie Josh Morgerman, iCyclone is the brand name under which he chases hurricanes and collaborates with others on weather-related projects. The iCyclone team is a loosely-affiliated, cross-functional club of chasers, researchers, and meteorologists unified by their shared passion for Earth’s mightiest spectacle: the hurricane. The iCyclone mission has always been to penetrate, experience, and document the inner cores of hurricanes as they thrust ashore—via video, data collection, and blogging. iCyclone’s original chase turf was exclusively the USA. That changed in 2007, when Josh Morgerman singlehandedly hunted ferocious Category-5 Hurricane Dean on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula—the only chaser to do so. This splashy debut launched a string of solo, daredevil Mexican chases that have established Morgerman as the most prolific chaser of Mexican hurricanes and a specialist in this region. Since 2007, he’s logged a whopping eight successful hurricane chases in Mexico—on both the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts—and in doing so has captured rare video footage and useful data for the USA’s National Hurricane Center. In 2013—when the Atlantic failed to produce any chaseable hurricanes—Morgerman and the iCyclone team expanded their focus to East Asia, chasing and penetrating the inner cores of an incredible four typhoons in just over a month—including Category-5 Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in the Philippines. Recent high-profile chases include devastating Hurricane Odile in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in 2014; Typhoon Goni in Ishigaki-jima, Japan, in 2015; Typhoon Dujuan in Su’ao, Taiwan, in 2015; and the incredible Category-5 Hurricane Patricia in Jalisco, Mexico, in 2015.