February 28, 2024 – The Frequent Speaker Cam Beaudoin and Do It Divinely DeAnna Spoerl

February 28, 2024 – The Frequent Speaker Cam Beaudoin and Do It Divinely DeAnna Spoerl

Cam Beaudoin – Founder of The Frequent Speaker

Being memorable is sometimes more important than having the best talk
or having the most polished look. Try to be remembered!

Cam Beaudoin

Cam Beaudoin is the founder of The Frequent Speaker, where he revolutionizes how speakers utilize their content. With a background in software development and technical consulting, Cam bridges the gap between technology and public speaking. His expertise lies in getting speakers on bigger stages so they can help transform bigger crowds by leveraging their existing content. Cam’s agency offers a unique “done-for-you” service, crafting speaker highlight reels that quickly and efficiently build trust and credibility with the audience. His approach combines a deep understanding of big business needs and leveraging technology, making him a valuable ally for speakers navigating the digital landscape. Driven by a passion to elevate voices in the speaking world, especially those less heard, Cam aspires to open new, rewarding opportunities for speakers, ensuring they are recognized and valued for their insights and experiences. In Cam’s vision, technology and storytelling converge, creating impactful speaking experiences and bringing diverse stories to the forefront of the global stage.

DeAnna Spoerl – Co-owner of Bear Icebox Communications

Pay attention to what you are consuming. Pay attention to what you are
watching, what you are listening to, what you see and start to evaluate how
much of it is making you feel horrible. These are all feelings that contribute to
not being a good enough person, spouse, whatever. These are feelings not
coming from within, they are coming from external sources.

DeAnna Spoerl

DeAnna Spoerl is the co-owner of Bear Icebox Communications and co-host of a podcast together called Amid Life Millennial. She also writes articles for Entrepreneur Magazine. DeAnna is an entrepreneur, visionary, and advocate for the human mind. Having built a successful public relations agency out of Chicago, DeAnna began to understand more about her past and how it shaped her ‘now moment’. DeAnna had dreams of becoming a TV producer since the age of 10. In 2011, DeAnna landed a dream internship with ABC7 Chicago and believed her path to be set. Well, life, marriage and two kids later, that dream was washed away. And after many years of trying to make her way back into the industry, eventually DeAnna gave up that dream—which led to many sleepless nights. Instead of dreams, she began having nightmares of what could have been. Then a magical moment happened. DeAnna had the successful business, the amazing husband, the wonderful kids and a palace in the sky (a Chicago condo with both lake and city views) but felt so empty still. What was missing? One word: gratitude. And from there, a new journey began. In 2020 DeAnna took a deep dive into spiritual awareness. Having grown up with a non-denominational Christian background, DeAnna understood thankfulness – to an extent. The childhood teachings gave some insight but DeAnna wanted more. After a couple of years of self-study in ancient Vedic scriptures, Biblical dissection, and Eastern medicine, DeAnna a Chopra-certified Meditation Teacher. DeAnna has been using divinely inspired techniques to bring more gratitude and mindfulness to her business and life. She’s prepared to share insights and tools for others to begin receiving the benefits of doing life divinely.