January 22, 2021 – Topic Co-founder Ryo Chiba, Wooden’s Leadership Lynn Guerin and Leader in Building Wealth Jerry Fetta

January 22, 2021 – Topic Co-founder Ryo Chiba, Wooden’s Leadership Lynn Guerin and Leader in Building Wealth Jerry Fetta

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Ryo Chiba – Co-founder at Topic 

Topic helps you automate the research process so you don’t spend
time on what your audience cares about. We figure that out for you. 

Ryo Chiba is the co-founder of Topic. Topic makes it easier for writers to create comprehensive content. Their AI analyzes the top results in Google, extracts key topics to cover, and provides an interactive editor to allow writers to grade their work. Topic has a projected revenue of $250,000 and has 150 customers. They are perfect for SEO and content marketing. They plan on releasing a new product soon – Topic Copilot – a copywriting assistant that learns your writing style and writes actual paragraphs for you.

Lynn GuerinAuthor & CEO of The John R. Wooden Course

Success is not what you think about or goals you set, but it is
really what you get done on a day to day basis. 

Lynn Guerin serves as the CEO of The John R. Wooden Course, and the President and “Head Coach” of his family-owned coaching, training, and performance development firm, Guerin Marketing Services. Lynn is a highly accomplished executive, consultant, coach, keynote speaker, facilitator, and motivator with in-depth knowledge and skill in management and coaching, business communication, leadership development, and team development. Lynn has worked nationally and internationally with some of America’s most successful companies including IBM, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti, Nissan, Acura, Hyundai Motor America, Kia, Chick-fil-A, In-N-Out, and General Motors. For the past 20 years, he has had the unique privilege of partnering with legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden and the Wooden family. Their new book is Coach ‘Em Way Up: 5 Lessons for Leading the John Wooden Way.

Jerry Fetta – Founder and CEO of Wealth DynamX

We suggest a whole life insurance policy with a High Early
Cash Value clause to accumulate wealth. 

Jerry Fetta helps people un-confuse their money, so that they don’t lose their money, so that they can use their money to build wealth NOW! As the Founder and CEO of Wealth DynamX, a Wealth Creation Firm that helps clients across the U.S. build wealth, Jerry has a passion for providing financial education for families that causes them to build wealth and navigate their economic futures with certainty. Jerry is married to his wife and business partner, Lexy, and together they have taken Wealth DynamX
from nothing to a mutli-million dollar company over the last 4 years!