January 21, 2021 – Real Estate Expert Cory Nemoto and Business Coach & Author Martin Holland

January 21, 2021 – Real Estate Expert Cory Nemoto and Business Coach & Author Martin Holland

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Cory Nemoto – Co-owner & Founder of Keko Capital

Entrepreneurship is not a straight line to the top.
It is peaks and valleys. That is part of what should
fulfill a true entrepreneur. 

Cory Nemoto is co-owner & founder of Keko Capital based in Honolulu, HI, where they control and manage over $15,000,000 worth of real estate. Before finding success in real estate investing, Cory had to start from the bottom, knocking door to door for leads during a time when the market was in a major recovery. Fast forward nearly a decade and he has been involved in multiple investment deals ranging from relocation, renovation, and new home development projects. Additionally, Cory has been featured on multiple nationally renowned real estate investing podcasts and even served as the private lender for BiggerPocket’s Brandon Turner on a fix and flip in Maui. Today, Cory specializes in deal sourcing and valuations, acquisitions, financing, investor relations, and project management. In addition to helping run the day-today operations of Keko Capital, he strives to serve new and seasoned investors alike when it comes to providing primary financing on their deals and supporting them as they make the climb up the ladder of success in the industry.

Martin Holland – Founder of Anneal Business Coaching

People behave differently when you keep score.
And good accounting books are almost universally missing in small business. 

Martin Holland is a business coach and founder of Anneal Business Coaching. His writing draws on his decades of experience teaching over 300 small business owners how to use financial information to reduce stress and to make better decisions and more money. He became a business coach in 2011 after selling a business. After 46 years of working in small business in positions ranging from truck driver to CEO, Martin collected his bookkeeping and financial knowledge into one place: The Profit Problem.
Martin is the cohost of the podcast Cashflow Contractor, where he
shares with his audience the common principles that lead to success
in business. Author of over 100 hundred articles on small business
topics for publications such as Forbes Coaches Council, he has also
written business plans that raised over $75 million in bank and investor
financing. Among other awards, he received both the National and
International Gold Medal Stevie Business Awards presented in New York
City and Barcelona. When he isn’t helping build profitable businesses, you will find Martin riding long distances on his bicycle, creating oil paintings, or reading and writing. He lives in Norman, Oklahoma with his wife, Diane, who founded and owns Holland Pediatric Therapy, a pediatric speech pathology practice. Together, they have three children. You can learn more about Martin and his business at www.annealbc.com and by following his podcast at https://www.thecashflowcontractor.com