January 20, 2021 – Sales Support Jim Coleman and Human Potential Mia Hewett

January 20, 2021 – Sales Support Jim Coleman and Human Potential Mia Hewett

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Jim Coleman – Co-Founder at xFusion and Owner at GrooveJar

When I talk to a solopreneur, I like to see what they are the best at
and what they can let go of and save a lot of time.

Jim Coleman is the Co-Founder at xFusion, a startup support company with a team of 20 and projected revenue north of $1M ARR for 2021. xFusion provides tier 1 and tier 2 customer support for growing SaaS businesses, and offers a hands-off experience that empowers makers to make & growers to grow. The company currently provides support for 100k+ Shopify customers and more than 20 unique applications. As a SaaS and agency owner himself, Jim knows what it’s like to be stretched too thin and unable to focus on the highest and best use of time. Prior to xFusion, Jim was a SaaS operations manager at a private equity firm, FE International, which operated a private equity fund called LTV SaaS Growth. He oversaw operations and high-level growth initiatives across a portfolio of SaaS holdings.

Mia Hewett – Founder and CEO of Aligned Intelligence

No matter what business you are in,
we are in the business of relationships. 

Mia Hewett is the Founder and CEO of Aligned Intelligence®, the best selling author of Meant For More: Stop Secretly Struggling and Be A Force To Be Reckoned With, and an expert on the topic of human potential. For 24 years Mia owned and operated a multi-million dollar company, but deep down, she knew she was “Meant for More.” Now Mia helps entrepreneurs from around the world who also know they are “Meant for More” stop struggling and make six and seven-figure leaps in their business using her Aligned Intelligence Method®. In developing her methodologies, Mia has interviewed and worked with countless others, from best-selling authors like Jack Canfield and Mel Robbins to Billionaires Martin Franklin and Jeff Hoffman, and in doing so she cracked the code that addresses the exact root cause of what is stopping people from living their full potential. Her Aligned Intelligence Method® effectively helps free her clients’ minds from negative self-talk helping them process their emotions to make more accurate decisions, no longer fearing people’s judgments or needing people’s approval, so that they can stay in their power, trust themselves again, and live the lives they have always known they were meant to be living.