January 25, 2021 – Sales Coach Now Ursula Mentjes and House Hacking Jimmy Murray

January 25, 2021 – Sales Coach Now Ursula Mentjes and House Hacking Jimmy Murray

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Ursula Mentjes – President at Sales Coach Now    

I took my power back. I realized that if I am going to
have a great life, it is up to me. 

Ursula Mentjes is a sales coach and trainer who works with entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and sales teams to “up” their game: to shake up the status quo, follow up with pending prospects, and to double up sales in as little as 30 days. By breaking down limiting beliefs, Ursula transform sales from a scary place into a comforting process that allows sales professional to excel without losing their soul. Over the past 10 years she has also written four award-winning non-fiction books; Selling with Intention, Selling with Synchronicity, One Great Goal and The Belief Zone. Plucked from retail to start selling technical training, she quickly realized that hitting my quota of calls was irrelevant; it was the quality of the call that was paramount. Using her method of believing, planning, calling, and follow up, my sales hit the stratosphere! In fact, her team grew a Santa Ana branch from losing $60,000.00 per month to an astounding feat of over $3 million per month. She became a student of sales and understanding what works…and what doesn’t, which culminated in my creating Sales Coach Now to train others to maximize sales. She works with over 6800 entrepreneurs plus 221 companies allowed me to write 4 books.

Jimmy Murray – Owner of Lyon Property Group

The name of the game in real estate is leverage on your money.
Using a low down payment loan is really going to help you 
generate leverage to get a better return on capital. 

Jimmy Murray is a millennial house hacker turned corporate dropout. Jimmy owns Lyon Property Group which is a property management company that covers Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts. His portfolio consists of 500 units and he is also an active investor. Jimmy started out house hacking his first property and now specializes in flipping 2-4 unit multi-families in his local market. Over the past ten years, Jim’s multifamily real estate investments have blossomed into a successful property management company, Lyon Property Management Group. Jim is also an investor educator along with Lyon Property Group co-founder Frank Patalano. Jim and Frank host a podcast called The Cashflow Kings where they have been known to pass out free golden nuggets of real estate wisdom.