January 17, 2024 – Leadership Conversation Rose Fass and Battle Buddies Shannon Walker

January 17, 2024 – Leadership Conversation Rose Fass and Battle Buddies Shannon Walker

Rose Fass – Founder and Chairwoman of fassforward and Author of THE LEADERSHIP CONVERSATION – Make bold change, one conversation at a time 

Our job today is to consider the conversations we are having. With
ourselves and with others. Leadership happens in the conversation.
It doesn’t happen in spreadsheets or over a PowerPoint review. It
happens in the conversation around that review.

Rose Fass

Rose Fass, the former Chief Transformation Officer of Xerox, is a trailblazer who reshaped the leadership landscape. She masterminded a groundbreaking shift at Xerox, steering it from merely a “Copier Company” to an innovative “Document Solutions Company.” Her transformative leadership not only revolutionized Xerox but also set new standards for global business management. Today, as the founder and CEO of fassforward Consulting Group, an esteemed Inc. 500/5000 awardee, Fass channels her expertise to mentor leaders in Fortune 500 companies. Her unique approach redefines leadership, inspiring leaders to adapt, connect, and thrive in our ever-changing world. Fass also makes aware of impactful “leadership conversations” designed to instill urgency and clarity within their workforce. “Despite technological advancements, AI, and remote work opportunities, a leadership gap persists. To bridge it, inspiration must drive action, culture defines the approach, strategy charts the course, and execution validates efforts. Achieving alignment among these elements is pivotal.”  You and your listeners would find her to be a rich resource. She’s incredibly engaging to converse with. Based on a recent session I had with Rose, here is a quick idea of some of the topics you could discuss with her. I do not doubt that she’d be able to pivot to any other leadership-related topic as well; The Secrets to Timeless Leadership    Unravel the mysteries of enduring leadership. Gain insights from decades of experience, understanding how leadership transcends age and technological advancements like AI and evolves with time. How and Why Accountability Bridges Today’s Leadership Gap    Dive into the often-neglected aspects of leadership. Explore the pivotal role of accountability in uniting organizational facets, ensuring a harmonious and effective trajectory. Genuine Connections Essential for Team Dynamics   Explore the core of authentic relationships within teams. Understand the profound impact of genuine connections on performance, backed by real-world examples. The Kinds of Direct Communications Transform Underperforming Teams   Investigate strategies for team transformation. Learn about the power of direct communication and clear expectations in revitalizing underperforming teams effectively. How Leadership Conversations Shape Futures   Explore the art of influential leadership dialogues. Understand how these conversations reshape perspectives, ignite action, and engage clients in transformative processes.

Shannon Walker – CEO & Founder of Northwest Battle Buddies     

Our service dogs are there for our veterans
in the midnight hour when no one else is.

Shannon Walker

Shannon Walker is CEO & Founder of Northwest Battle Buddies, a nonprofit providing service dogs to combat veterans with PTSD. Inspired by her father, a veteran, Shannon’s passion for supporting veterans runs deep. In 1997, Shannon established Mans Best Friend – Dog Training, impacting both dogs and owners positively. Recognizing the importance of service dogs, she trained Police K9 units for seven local departments starting in 2002. As an expert, Shannon delivers TEDx talks like “PTSD and Service Dogs: Beneath The Surface,” shedding light on their profound impact. She’s a sought-after speaker on nationally-syndicated News Radio Stations. Shannon has been the Executive Director of ASDPMV since 2023, serving since 2017. She has contributed through the Standards Committee and Members Committee since 2019. She’s also an active member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP).