May 17, 2024 – RE Production Model Fred Wilson and Dream Machine Dane Espegard

May 17, 2024 – RE Production Model Fred Wilson and Dream Machine Dane Espegard

Fred Wilson – Real Estate Sales Coach and Author of Real Estate Attraction: How To Do Business NOW in Real Estate Sales

Fred Wilson

From tennis professional to luxury travel entrepreneur, Fred ultimately rose to a rare level of success in the real estate business. Through his innovative approach, he has averaged one closed transaction a week for 30 years running. In his new book, Real Estate Attraction™, Fred shares career-shaping strategies and money-making techniques with real estate agents seeking to learn from his extensive experience and unique perspective as a longtime, top-producing sales leader. Creator of The Fred Wilson Production Model® online learning series, he has hosted his own podcast about opportunity and achievement for 20 years. His groundbreaking programs reveal a deep understanding of the natural laws and fundamental principles that govern the experience of success in life. He is a 40-year veteran of the Real Estate Industry and has very strong views on the industry. The real estate industry is set up for agents to fail – a harsh reality that veteran Fred Wilson is on a mission to change. With nearly 90% of new agents leaving the business within 5 years after going upside down financially, Wilson’s revolutionary approach in his book “Real Estate Attraction, How To Do Business NOW In Real Estate Sales” offers a lifeline. While most agents operate from a scarcity mindset, chasing limited opportunities and working towards potential future success, Wilson\’s “now model” technique teaches them how to make money today. His innovative Production Model® combines an abundance mindset with unique discovery techniques, empowering agents to identify and capitalize on opportunities they would otherwise miss. Wilson, a titan in the industry with over three decades of experience and an unmatched average of closing one transaction per week for over 30 years running, is uniquely positioned to guide agents out of the traditional “future model” that leaves them stuck in indecision and scarcity thinking. The trick is going from capacity to ability. And the reality is most real estate agents are actually doing it wrong. Wilson’s practical guidance in “Real Estate Attraction” equips agents with the tools to generate sustained prosperity in any market condition, rather than blaming external factors for their lack of success. I believe your audience would be highly interested in Fred Wilson\’s revolutionary approach to real estate sales, which tackles the industry\’s dismal statistics head-on. As an industry expert, Fred can provide insightful commentary on: The toxic scarcity mindset plaguing most real estate agents Overcoming the “future model” mentality holding agents back Transitioning to an abundance mindset to reveal hidden opportunities Practical techniques to make money immediately, not years down the line Navigating market fluctuations with his “now model” approach Please let me know if you would like to explore having Fred contribute an exclusive byline article or be interviewed as an expert source.

Dane Espegard – Author of The Dream Machine: A Leader’s Guide to Creating Teams of High Performers Who Achieve Extraordinary Outcomes

A business’s greatest opportunity is to add value to its employees’ lives.

Dane Espegard

Dane Espegard is a passionate husband and father first. Dane grew up in Wisconsin and attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he graduated with a degree in Economics. During those college years, he stumbled upon an entry-level sales position for Vector Marketing, selling Cutco Cutlery. He worked with them for four years of college, developing his sales, management, and leadership skills. Upon graduation, Dane decided to stay with Vector Marketing as a District Manager opening his own office in Racine, Wisconsin. He moved up quickly within Vector and was promoted to Division Manager at the age of 24. He is currently responsible for Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa for Vector Marketing. He has trained thousands of sales representatives and managed over $51 Million worth of Cutco sales. He is a Hall of Fame Member of CUTCO/Vector and has been the #1 Producer in Vector Marketing. He has developed a culture centered around ‘Dreams’ that has led to consistent and explosive growth within his business.