May 20, 2024 – Cash Is King Peter Kingma and Product Dev Adam Judelson

May 20, 2024 – Cash Is King Peter Kingma and Product Dev Adam Judelson

Peter Kingma – Working Capital Leader at EY-Parthenon

We do a great job in business of explaining the importance of revenue and
cost containment. But, we do a very poor job explaining cash and the
importance of cash.

Peter Kingma

Peter Kingma is the Americas Working Capital Leader for EY Parthenon. Working across a variety of sectors such as automotive, aerospace, defense, healthcare, retail and consumer products, he advises business leaders on how to optimize the management of cash. His work has led to well over 25 billion dollars of value creation for his clients. Peter is a regular contributor to leading business publications and podcasts, and often speaks at industry events about his areas of expertise. His clients bring him in to lead planning sessions, consult with management teams, and present to their boards of directors. Kingma who has a degree in economics from Purdue University, lives in Chicago and Columbia, Missouri.

Adam Judelson – Founder & CEO of First Principles Catalyst

A product is all about end people using the exact same thing and
deriving similar benefits when faced with similar problems. In no
way is that constrained to the physical world or the software world.
Some of the most fascinating innovations in product have been
hybrids that blend hardware and software to make really fantastic things.

Adam Judelson

Adam is a versatile product athlete and startup executive with experiencing across an impressive breadth of industries. He was Head of Product for Palantir’s Gotham platform, and has held the VP of Product and President role on multiple occasions for venture and corporate-backed businesses. He has personally led product efforts across enterprise businesses, SaaS, consumer, and two-sided marketplaces. Adam is fascinated with products of all styles, what makes them work or fail, and approaches problems with an engineering mindset to root out constraints one by one and de-risk investments as quickly as possible. Above all else, Adam loves to generate impact and find immense value to deliver to customers experiencing complex challenges.