May 22, 2024 – Social Media Marketing Sam Sherman and Sell It Kyle Scott

May 22, 2024 – Social Media Marketing Sam Sherman and Sell It Kyle Scott

Sam Sherman – Co-founder of Socium Media

We always write content ourselves. We will definitely use AI for inspiration on
what content to write about, but we do the actual generation of that content.
Google has caught on. Facebook will soon start marking content that is AI generated.

Sam Sherman

Sam Sherman is the Co-Founder at Socium Media. Sam’s relentless focus on fostering a supportive company culture has propelled Socium to become the #1 agency to work for in the US, earning accolades from esteemed sources such as Inc. 5000 and Inc. Magazine’s Best Places to Work. With his expertise in digital strategy, Sam not only navigates the complexities of modern marketing but also emphasizes the pivotal role of prioritizing employee well-being in driving long-term success.

Kyle Scott – Co-Founder of Sell It

Turnover in salespeople is quite high. Only 53% of sellers
actually reach their quota in any given year.

Kyle Scott

Kyle Scott is President of Sell It – the business platform founded by billion-dollar real estate mogul Ryan Serhant & Scott dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and helping business owners make more money. Kyle’s a seasoned operations executive, business builder and former NBC News producer with over 15 years of experience in media. As the president of SERHANT. Ventures, he co-founded and lead a fast-growing subscription content-to-commerce business. They offer courses, membership, coaching, speaking engagements, and events to tens of thousands of aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs around the world. He’s responsible for the entire P&L and all business functions, including sales, marketing, product development, technology, fulfillment, and finance while managing a team of over 35, 40% in-person and 60% remote. Over the past five years since pitching the idea to Ryan Serhant, He’s become an expert in creating, launching, and scaling digital products and services that generate millions in revenue and impact. Prior to launching the SERHANT. Ventures business, he spent nearly 10 years as a producer and journalist at NBC News. He mastered the power of storytelling from the best in the business through evolving roles at TODAY, NBC Nightly News, NBC News Specials, and NBC News Digital. His capstone at NBC was launching and growing a new digital lifestyle vertical to over 1 million on-platform starts within its first year.