May 23, 2024 – Venture Mindset Ilya Strebulaev and More Sutton LLC Lessons

May 23, 2024 – Venture Mindset Ilya Strebulaev and More Sutton LLC Lessons

Dr. Ilya Strebulaev – Founder of the Venture Capital Initiative at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Author of The Venture Mindset: How to Make Smarter Bets and Achieve Extraordinary Growth

The venture capital industry was developed in the United States in the
1970s. Prior to the 1970s, The U.S., in terms of its innovation and its ability
to create new, large companies, was no different from other developed
countries. But suddenly, there were hundreds and hundreds of new, large
companies. All of them were backed by venture capital.

Dr. Ilya Strebulaev

Stanford Professor Ilya Strebulaev, founder of the Venture Capital Initiative at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and the foremost academic expert on venture capital. Dr. Ilya Strebulaev is the foremost academic expert on venture capital. He is the founder of the Venture Capital Initiative and David S. Lobel Professor of Private Equity and Professor of Finance at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, where he teaches a popular class on venture capital. Ilya’s research has been widely published in leading academic journals and featured by the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Bloomberg and the Harvard Business Review. He frequently leads executive sessions for senior business and government leaders around the world and has consulted for companies and investors on venture industry trends and corporate innovation. In 2023, he was named a Top Voice on LinkedIn. Most have likely never heard their names, but VCs are among the most innovative and influential minds in the world—behind Apple, Amazon, and other game-changing brands. So, what’s their secret, and can you apply their mindset to grow your company and career? Ilya Strebulaev has spent more than a decade researching the most influential VCs and VC-backed companies to pinpoint key factors behind their success. He interviewed and surveyed more than 1,000 VCs to uncover insight about their secret to discovering the next big thing. In THE VENTURE MINDSET, he reveals how all of us can learn from Silicon Valley innovation champions and reach new heights no matter what position or field we’re in.

Garrett Sutton and Ted Sutton – Attorneys at Corporate Direct  and Experts on the Corporate Transparency Act

The Corporate Transparency Act requires that every corporation, LLC,
limited partnership in the country provide sensitive information to the
federal government. They want to know all of the 25% or greater owners
and who has substantial control of the entity. This is all done in the name
of fighting money laundering and terrorism. As the Wall Street Journal
said in an editorial, “Are the bad guys really going to report?” 32,000,000
American businesses now have to comply.

Garrett Sutton

Garrett Sutton has sold more than a million books to guide entrepreneurs and investors. His best sellers include Start Your Own Corporation, Loopholes of Real Estate, and Veil Not Fail. For more than 30 years, he has run his practice assisting entrepreneurs and real estate investors in protecting their assets. The companies he founded, Corporate Direct and Sutton Law Center, currently help more than 14,000 clients protect their assets and maintain their entities, especially under the new Corporate Transparency Act. Garrett also serves as a member of the elite group of “Rich Dad Advisors” for best selling author Robert Kiyosaki. A number of the books Garrett Sutton has authored are part of the best selling Rich Dad, Poor Dad wealth-building book series. Garrett is also the President of Sunn Stream, a new streaming platform focusing on kid’s financial education and adult professional development. Garrett lives in Reno, Nevada has been recognized as a Lifetime Achievement Member by America’s Top 100 Attorneys.

Ted Sutton

Ted Sutton is a licensed attorney who is the son of Garrett Sutton. Ted was born and raised in Reno, NV. He graduated from the University of Utah with a B.S. in Mining Engineering. During one of his summers, he spent three months working at a mine in Chile. This experience made him realize that legal matters interested him more than engineering ones. After graduating in 2018, he decided to attend law school the following year. Ted attended the University of Wyoming College of Law. In his third year, he served as the Student Director of the Business Entrepreneurship Practicum, where he helped clients form and maintain LLCs. He graduated in May 2022. Ted is now licensed to practice law in Wyoming and Nevada. Ted has been focused on making sure Corporate Direct’s clients properly
file under the Corporate Transparency Act. Ted is also the author of “Five Tricks To Teach Your Kids About Money.”