November 7, 2022 – Potentialist Ben Lytle and Principled Entrepreneur Andreas Widmer


November 7, 2022 – Potentialist Ben Lytle and Principled Entrepreneur Andreas Widmer

Ben Lytle – Founder of 2 NYSE Public Companies including Anthem and Author of The Potentialist I: Your Future in the New Reality of the Next Thirty Years

A Potentialist looks at themselves and the human race and says,
“the best years are ahead of us, not behind us.”

Ben Lytle

Ben Lytle is a self-made serial entrepreneur-CEO, known for being ahead of the curve. Creating something out of nothing, adjusting and thriving during change, Ben now is a thought leader on the future. He launched five successful companies, two listing on the New York Stock Exchange. His best-known success being Anthem, with a current market value of more than $100 billion. He is a healthcare policy expert who served on state and presidential healthcare commissions, and a governance leader with extensive public company experience. For several years, he has been paying close attention to the converging forces of change that few people have recognized. Ben makes a compelling argument in this first book that this convergence will reshape life as we know it and every human being as they know themselves today. He makes the case that life and people will emerge better in the end but that there will be turbulent times, difficult decisions, and rough sledding on the way, particularly for those who are unprepared.

Andreas Widmer – Founder and Director of the Art & Carlyse Ciocca Center for Principled Entrepreneurship at The Catholic University and Author of The Art of Principled Entrepreneurship: Creating Enduring 

There is one question at the core of business. It is, “May I help
you?” They use their talent to solve your problem and if you
are willing to pay more for this solution than it cost to make
it, then you have a business.

Andreas Widmer

Andreas Widmer is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for helping business professionals find deeper meaning in their work and sustainable success through principled entrepreneurship. In his upcoming book, The Art of Principled Entrepreneurship: Creating Enduring Value (Matt Holt, April 5, 2022), Andreas shares his philosophy in a practical guide on how to start and do business in a way that’s both virtuous and  profitable. Previously, Andreas helped lead high-tech companies, bringing more than one hundred leading-edge technology products to market and also led several organizations focused on enterprise solutions to poverty. He is a former member of the Swiss Guard serving under Pope John Paul II and author of the book The Pope and the CEO, which describes the ten lessons he learned from the late pope about leadership and the centrality of the human person in work. Andreas’s biggest accomplishment in life is building a great marriage together with his wife, Michelle, and his biggest joy is seeing the character of their teenage son, Eli, develop and grow. Andreas has a passion for helping professionals of all ages to find deeper meaning in their work and sustainable success in Principled Entrepreneurship. One way he does this is to discover and share the stories of successful Principled Entrepreneurs like Art Ciocca who over- came great challenges and built wonderful companies by never los- ing sight of their humanity.