February 26, 2021 – Podcast Launcher Anna Parker-Naples and Moneyfulness Author Michael Keet

February 26, 2021 – Podcast Launcher Anna Parker-Naples and Moneyfulness Author Michael Keet

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Anna Parker-Naples – Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Best Selling Author. 

If you don’t start at something, you can’t refine and perfect! One
of the best things you can do is to just crack on with it.

Anna Parker-Naples shows entrepreneurs and leaders how to get visible through the power of podcasts. She is founder of The Podcast Membership, giving experts the chance to be seen and heard by their ideal clients, so they grow their personal. brand, increase their impact, influence and income. She uses her background as Hollywood recognised audio producer and multi ward winning voice actor, combined with her kudos as a bestselling author, national award-winning Entrepreneur & no 1 international podcast host of Entrepreneurs Get Visible. Anna’s here to teach you how to Leverage this fast growing medium for maximum results, either through being a podcast guest or hosting your own podcast.

Michael KeetAuthor, Speaker & Trainer

We wanted to build software for small businesses because there
was so much software, but only for larger companies, not for
the self-employed or solo-owner. 

Michael Keet was a high school drop-out, and at the age of 21 was labeled as “underprivileged” with no relevant education or work experience. He now has his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance and, within nine years, Michael went from “underprivileged” to finance director at the age of 30 before becoming an entrepreneur and developing online accounting software to help small business owners. He is also a certified mindfulness coach and has been published in and interviewed by the Dutch Financial Times, along with other local newspapers. Michael currently resides in Noord Brabant, The Netherlands. His book Moneyfulness is a unique combination of financial grounded insights intended to address the heart of money stress: how audiences think about money! Michael presents the idea that people’s mindset about money and the practical “how-to” belong together. Connect with Michael @ www.moneyfulness.com