February 25, 2021 – eCommerce Expert Andy Seeley and Ride the Tornado Author Tobin Lehman

February 25, 2021 – eCommerce Expert Andy Seeley and Ride the Tornado Author Tobin Lehman

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Andy Seeley – CEO at Creatively Disruptive

Never before in human history has small business had
the power to make a real difference in their lives and
to compete with massive budgets. 

Andy Seeley is the CEO and Co-Founder of Creatively Disruptive, a digital marketing agency built by a team of professional nerds that work together as the Small Business Champions. Andy is a Small Business Marketing Expert and he is committed to helping businesses keep up with all the latest algorithms to make sure they are getting their money’s worth for their online advertising, especially during the current economic environment. Andy Seeley is a master in sales and digital marketing, having led a number of companies and clients to achieve success. His work redefines what it means to be a people-person, putting the best interests of everyone from individual team members to each client account at the forefront. Andy’s previous experiences have taken him from the retail spaces to the publishing world. In addition to his role as CEO at Creatively Disruptive, Andy also actively mentors other business owners and offers timely tips and tricks in Facebook Advertising.

Tobin Lehman – Founder of New North and Author Ride the Tornado! 

Have a process! There is not a clear answer right now. Everyone
is trying a little bit of something. So having a framework, a way of
thinking about it, is really your best bet. 

Tobin Lehman is an author and the founder of New North, an award-winning digital marketing agency dedicated to helping B2B technology firms grow. With over two decades of working with brands like Southern States, Pfizer, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Kimberly Clark, and a host of others, he has earned an industry reputation for taking the mystery out of marketing with clear strategies that earn real results. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design and Photography from Penn State, Tobin previously taught design and business courses as an adjunct professor at American University and Shepherd University. He has also served as a local President of the American Advertising Federation, and on the board of the local AIGA and other nonprofit boards. Tobin resides in Frederick, Maryland, with his spouse and five children. The world is changing rapidly, and we’re all feeling the effects. From the pandemic to the election, we’re reeling from transformations both societal and individual. Just as the physical world is in flux, 2021’s digital marketing landscape is shifting day-by-day. Tobin Lehman, author of Ride the Tornado  wants to make sure businesses aren’t left in limbo by presenting a new decision-making framework that not only leaves room for change, but anticipates it. Learn more at www.ridethetornado.com.