October 23, 2013 – USA Today SMB Strauss & Sex Butter Bonnie Gayle

October 23, 2013 – USA Today SMB Strauss & Sex Butter Bonnie Gayle

Broadcast October 23, 2013 on Liberty Express Radio

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Steve Strauss – Author of Planet Entrepreneur, USAToday Senior Columnist, Founder of TheSelfEmployed.com 

We are excited to welcome Steve Strauss, USA Today’s small business guru, back to the show for the third time! He’s always been a great guest, as he is the “go-to guy” for so many on matters of small business. Steve is regularly featured on networks like MSNBC, Fox News, and the like. And he has just published a new book, Planet Entrepreneur, and its a great read. Be sure not to miss this one. We always love having him on, and he always makes for a great interview.


Bonnie Gayle – Sex Butter Creator 

Bonnie Gayle is inventor and creator of Sex Butter; however, the product itself is only a small part of her story and her business model. Bonnie grew up with a self-esteem issue brought about by a number of childhood traumas. She has spent her whole life becoming a person who she can be proud of, and half of that battle was just making those negative “voices” inside her head shut up! She has used her life experiences to become a role model for women everywhere. Bonnie has an online store for products like Sex Butter. We will learn how to create a new product and how to find manufacturers. We also get some tips from her on how to find common ground with your target audience and using that to make an impact in people lives through your products and services.