October 1, 2013 – Al Bhatka CEO of Genghis Grill & David Do It Newman

October 1, 2013 – Al Bhatka CEO of Genghis Grill & David Do It Newman

Broadcast October 1, 2013 on Liberty Express Radio

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Al Bhakta – Co-Founder and CEO of Genghis Grill

This is one of my favorite entrepreneurial stories ever! Four college friends bought a pool hall, grew it, sold it, used the money to buy a franchise, grew it, bought out the franchisor, and exploded it! The foursome now own over 270 restaurants around the US and grew Genghis Grill from six units to over 110 units in 23 states! At Genghis Grill, diners build their meals from a selection of fresh meats, vegetables, spices, and sauces. The  Grill Masters cook the food on a large, round grill in a matter of moments. Barely out of college, these college friends had little life experience and even less restaurant experience. On the night they opened, not a single customer stopped by to eat! And now an empire. See Al speak here…


David Newman – Marketing Guru and Author of Do It! Marketing

David is a nationally recognized speaker in the marketing industry. His latest book, “Do It! Marketing”, provides a slew of actionable marketing ideas you can start employing at your company immediately. The website that was built in association with the book also provides entrepreneurs a range of great marketing resources,templates, and tools. In his book, there are roughly 80 of these marketing principles, and though we won’t have time to go over all of them, you can expect some of the best ones to be covered here on School for Startups Radio! Be sure to check this out.

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