September 30, 2013 – Gaming Andy Greenberg, Golfing Trevor McCandless & Gain Jane Deuber

September 30, 2013 – Gaming Andy Greenberg, Golfing Trevor McCandless & Gain Jane Deuber

Broadcast September 30, 2013 on Liberty Express Radio

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Andrew Greenberg – President of The Georgia Game Developers Association

Andrew is our first gamer guest. He built games Mall Tycoon, Chicago by Night supplemental content, and many more. We have him on to talk about what’s going on in Atlanta’s gaming community and a little about some of the upcoming events that are going on with George’s premier video game association, GGDA. Games are a huge business, much bigger then the film industry, and Georgia is one of the global centers of games development. Andy gives us the scoop on this important entrepreneurial industry.
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Trevor McCandless – Founder of and Small Business CPA

It’s always good to see one of my former grad students at GSU become so successful! Trevor is a successful CPA, but has a side business that is pretty cool. is an online e-commerce platform for, as the name implies, renting and selling golfing gear. The site has grown increasingly popular in the business community for corporate golf outings, when Trevor might supply 250 sets of clubs for an event. We are excited to welcome Trevor to the show to cover some e-commerce basics, learn how he started this business, and probably relive grad school a little.

Jane Deuber – Founder of Jane Deuber International

Jane Deuber helps entrepreneurs leverage their own talents and passions towards growing their businesses. She believes marketing and sales should be a reflections of those passions and uses this philosophy as she re-optimizes your business to reach its full potential. It might include revenue restructuring or otherwise. Jane will also strive to offer you, as an entrepreneur, a sense of balance in life as well as business. We have her on to go through this philosophy in depth.

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