October 31, 2022 – Be Grateful Matt Ostanik and Multi Family Real Estate Kyle Kunkel


October 31, 2022 – Be Grateful Matt Ostanik and Multi Family Real Estate Kyle Kunkel

Matt Ostanik – Founder of Grateful               

What is really powerful about Grateful is it lets your customers
and clients pick what charity their dollars go to, and we find the
customers end up spending on average 17% more with your company.

Matt Ostanik

Matt Ostanik is a serial entrepreneur who has founded four startups. In 2019 he started working on Grateful, a new platform that helps socially good businesses participate in “grateful giving” by donating to their customers’ and employees’ favorite nonprofits. In today’s world, social good has never been important and is a powerful tool for businesses to increase
customer retention and employee engagement.

Kyle Kunkel – Real Estate Investor at Bear Fruit Life

As far as real estate, my favorite niche is multifamily
residential. Everybody is always going to need a home.
But people are being priced out of buying a home with
higher interest rates. If you’re in the Sun Belt area, I
think multifamily is a home run.

Kyle Kunkel

Kyle Kunkel knows how to create success. He has gone from humble   beginnings of living in a tent to traveling to 35-plus countries and building a million-dollar real estate business. Kyle believes wisdom is more precious than jewels and wants to help people create freedom in all aspects of life: spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially. In his mastermind, Bear Fruit Life, there is a place for aspiring entrepreneurs and billionaires. Kyle has changed hundreds of lives and plans to change millions more. He helps others believe theirs dreams are possible by creating value & opportunity through real estate investments by investing in multi family, Rv parks, hotels and single family.