November 1, 2022 – Be the Bank Shawn Greeves and UAPs! (that’s the new word for UFOs)


November 1, 2022 – Be the Bank Shawn Greeves and UAPs! (that’s the new word for UFOs)

Shawn Greeves – Speaker, Trainer, Entrepreneur and Author of Amazon best Selling book:  Kiss the Stock Market Goodbye: Make 30% – 40% Interest on Your Money Risk Free (Unless Theres a Zombie Apocalypse)  

When giving loans to flippers, I don’t check anybody’s credit.
I don’t even have an application. You just have to bring
me a good deal.

Shawn Greeves

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Dr. JC van Velkinburgh – President of Filipodia and Debra LaPrevotte – Senior Investigator at The Sentry

Answering the question ‘If UFO’s aren’t here, why aren’t
they communicating with us?’, someone looked at an ant
on the ground and said, ‘Ever tried to have a conversation
with that ant?’

Following its groundbreaking announcement of the first scientifically-authenticated documentation of unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) in 2020, Genesis 2 Project LLCÔ (G2P) has continued their empirical investigations of UAP recordings. Their ever-amassing data collection and ensuing scientific findings have already begun to transform our understanding of physics and opened important discussions with U.S. Government (USG) personnel on the implications of such technologies for our national security. Over the past year, G2P’s recruitment of science-based professionals has increased substantially. It now has a deep bench of former U.S. Government scientists — from Los Alamos National Laboratory, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) to members of the Intelligence Community, from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Many non-USG groups and individuals have also contributed to G2P’s research, including ongoing collaboration with the digital media forensic analysists at Primeau Forensics. Over the 5-year course of G2P’s data collection efforts and scientific investigations focused on the northern New Mexico region, property owners and witnesses agreed to interviews; these individuals come from all walks of life and include an Albuquerque public school teacher, a private helicopter pilot who is native New Mexican, a chili farmer, and a business executive who is blood-descendent of a northern New Mexico tribal nation. Under assurances provided by strict non-disclosure and location release agreements, they have shared their personal knowledge and documentations of UAP and of native folklore and regional petroglyphs that validate modern-day experiences and G2P’s data.

More About Dr. JC van Velkinburgh:

Dr. JC van Velkinburgh

Dr. JC van Velkinburgh earned a Ph.D. in Molecular Physiology & Biophysics from Vanderbilt University and carried out her post doctoral research at the Los Alamos NationalLaboratories under “Q” (Top Secret; TS-Q) federal security clearance. Her medical-science research career has yielded 38 publications of original research articles and review articles in the most prestigious and competitive peer-reviewed journals in the world (i.e. Nature and the Science family of journals; < 7-8% rate of acceptance for publication). She educates on ethics in science communication and publication, largely in the legal realm of civil litigation.

More About Debra LaPrevotte:

Debra LaPrevotte

Debra LaPrevotte is a 20-year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). There, Debra held a TS-Q level security clearance. She is a Forensic Scientist, spending years on the FBI’s Evidence Response Team in the field and on the Evidence Response Team Unit at the FBI Lab. She also served as a Supervisory Special Agent on the International Corruption Unit at FBI Headquarters and was instrumental in initiating the FBI’s Kleptocracy program. Debra has since spent the past 23 years working international corruption investigations, seizing more than $1 billion from corrupt foreign officials, and has received acclaim for discussing her experiences on popular podcasts, such as the “FBI Retired Case File Review” with Jerri Williams and “A Nation of Thieves” with Justin Shenkarow through Lionsgate.