May 6, 2015 – Leadership Rigor Erica Peitler, Manhood Chris Cannon & Tim Sinclair’s Ringr

May 6, 2015 – Leadership Rigor Erica Peitler, Manhood Chris Cannon & Tim Sinclair’s Ringr

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Erica Peitler – Leadership Performance Coach, CEO of Erica Peitler & Associates and Author of Leadership Rigor!: Breakthrough Performance & Productivity Leading Yourself, Teams, Organizations

Erica Peitler is a dynamic thought leader who designs “Leadership Journey’s” that facilitate leadership development. Erica brings her operational, strategic and team based organizational leadership experiences to accelerate action learning that can be “applied on the ground and in real time.” She helps leaders learn how to lead themselves, lead teams and lead at the organizational level with signature models and frameworks. She has assisted in global leadership development initiatives for Fortune 500 companies, progressive mid-sized organizations, and small businesses too. Erica blends a deep expertise in Cultural change, Talent Development, Strategic Planning and Performance Management. Her book, “Leadership Rigor!,” became a best seller, reaching #1 in Canada, #1 in Australia, #6 in the UK and #3 in the United States. Erica was also selected as one of 50 Best Women in Business by New Jersey Biz Magazine.
Erica PeitlerErica PeitlerErica Peitler

Chris Cannon – Founder of

Chris Cannon is a bestselling author and creator of The Manhood Model.  He is dedicated to assuring the success of men “at risk” and others who are, but don’t know it. Chris’ mission is helping men maximize their mission as men and he trains men nationally on how to lead as men. After struggling to overcome sex, drugs, and low-academic performance as a college football player, he discovered his passion for helping men overcome these same challenges. Audiences often express their appreciation for the positive impact of his award-winning, interactive, nontraditional presentations have on them. He has been called America’s #1 Encouragement Coach!
Chris Cannon

Tim Sinclair – CEO of RINGR

Tim Sinclair’s story is guaranteed to make you jealous. He got VC funding the 1999 way, after just a meeting or two, with no plan written, and in just days! Tim worked in the radio industry for a coupe of decades, and had a light bulb moment one day. He realized you can record a better-sounding long-distance interview or sales meeting than most any radio station or podcaster on the planet. You don’t need a microphone or even need a computer. All you need is a mobile device and the Ringr app. The patent-pending technology connects two parties, records unbelievably clear audio, merges the files, and provides you with an amazing sounding conversation. Whether you’re hosting a radio show in New York City or a podcast in your basement, Ringr can make each and every one of your interviews sound like a million bucks.
Tim SinclairTim SinclairTim Sinclair

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