July 31, 2019 – Improv Owner Norm Laviolette, No Barriers Summit David Shurna and Asteroid Mining Gordon Dillow

July 31, 2019 – Improv Owner Norm Laviolette, No Barriers Summit David Shurna and Asteroid Mining Gordon Dillow

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Norm Laviolette – Co-founder and CEO of Improv Asylum and Author of The Art of Making Sh!t Up: How to Work Together to Become an Unstoppable Powerhouse

The first step to greatness is sucking. If you don’t suck, you will
never be great. I had my long share of sucking!

Norm Laviolette is the co-founder and CEO of Improv Asylum, IA Innovation and Asylum Gaming and Esports (AGE). He has performed, directed or produced more than 10,000 improvisational comedy shows on three continents. He brings the experience of building companies from the ground up into multi-million dollar businesses. Prior to a career in comedy and teaching, Norm worked in the marketing and PR industries in New York City. He is a former member of the Massachusetts and Vermont Army National Guards and a graduate of the Vermont Military Academy’s Officer Candidate School. Norm continues to lead Improv Asylum’s strategic business and artistic vision locally, nationally and globally. His new book, The Art Of Making Sh!T Up, describes how the techniques of improv can transform teams into more powerful, creative and healthy organizations.

David Shurna – Executive Director of No Barriers USA

No Barriers is a non-profit dedicated to unleashing the potential
within people to break through the barriers that they face. Anything
is possible. What is within you is stronger than what is in your way. 

David Shurna is the Executive Director of the nonprofit No Barriers USA. David discusses the purpose of the summit and the value that people with diverse abilities bring to their communities and the workforce. At No Barriers, they believe that what’s within you is stronger than what is in your way. No Barriers empowers people of all walks of life to overcome obstacles, live a life of purpose, and give back to the world, all through a  ground-breaking curriculum, the No Barriers Life. David spent two decades building strong nonprofit organizations. He has worked with such diverse organizations as the Catamount Institute, the World Wildlife Fund, Duke University, Island Press, The Nature Conservancy, and the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

Gordon Dillow – Author of Fire in the Sky: Cosmic Collisions, Killer Asteroids, and the Race to Defend Earth

Asteroid mining is not silly at all and you will live to see it.

Gordon L. Dillow is a reporter and newspaper columnist with more than thirty years of experience. A veteran of the US military, Gordon spent two years serving overseas in South Vietnam and Germany. He later returned to hostile nations as a war correspondent, beginning with his coverage of El Salvador’s civil war in 1982. In 1995, he returned to Vietnam to report on the 20th anniversary of the war in which he fought. In 2003, he joined the First Marine Division in Kuwait and Iraq as a war correspondent; he would return to Iraq in 2004 with the 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment. He has written for a number of newspapers, including the the Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register, and the Los Angeles Herald Examiner.