July 30, 2019 – Direct Response Marketing Sayan Sarkar, Deferred Sales Trust Brett  Swarts and Escape Average Michael Botts

July 30, 2019 – Direct Response Marketing Sayan Sarkar, Deferred Sales Trust Brett  Swarts and Escape Average Michael Botts

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Sayan Sarkar – Founder of InvigorateNOW Health Sciences and Sark Media Direct

What I recommend now to Entrepreneurs is ‘if you are not personally passionate about an idea, its not going to stick.’

Sayan_Sarkar is a serial entrepreneur with two nutraceutical companies, two e-commerce brands, and partnership stakes in over a dozen other health and e-com brands. Sayan is also owner of a health and e-com marketing consultancy that helps new and early-stage businesses add 6-7+ figures with direct-response marketing. Sayan is passionate about combining cutting edge online marketing strategies with traditional direct response marketing. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Martha Stewart, Organifi, Zenith Labs, and more.

Brett Swarts – President of Capital Gains Tax Solutions

We use a Deferred Sales Trust to give tax deferral, liquidity,
diversification and the ability to go back into another
business on their own timing.

Brett  Swarts is the President of Capital Gains Tax Solutions, LLC, located in Sacramento, CA.  Brett provides trustee services which helps real estate and business owners gain tax deferral, freedom, liquidity and diversification with their funds so they can create and preserve more wealth. As a trustee, Brett is passionate about educating his clients about capital gains tax deferral with a Deferred Sales Trust, how they can divest from real estate investments without a 1031 exchange and then invest back into and back out real estate at their own timing all capital gains tax deferred. Brett hopes to share how the Deferred Sales Trust might just be the miracle alternative solution to help you keep more of that wealth in your pocket when entering into a sale of a highly appreciated asset.

Michael Botts – Author of Escape Average, Go for the Big: It’s Time to Break through What’s Stopping You

You were born genius. You were born an ‘I am enough.’
Life sucks us out into the ocean of ‘Am I enough?’   

Michael Botts is a success coach, best selling author, and acclaimed keynote speaker. Michael’s leadership skills were developed early on while he served in USMC from 1985-1989. After college Michael started his own marketing and distribution company “Impact Marketing” and then founded “ServiceMaster BY Mike.” Michael sold his business after 20 years.
Michael now focuses on success coaching including one-on-one sessions with veteran business owners and speaking about success to university students.