November 18, 2020 – GreenPal Bryan Clayton and Win at Aging Sharkie Zartman

November 18, 2020 – GreenPal Bryan Clayton and Win at Aging Sharkie Zartman

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Bryan Clayton – Co-Founder and CEO of GreenPal

My business journey also drove my personal development journey.
That is one of the beautiful things about business, It can cause
you to become a better person. 

Bryan Clayton is a serial entrepreneur who has made multiple successful exits, and is currently the CEO of GreenPal; an online marketplace that connects homeowners with Local lawn care professionals. GreenPal has been called the Uber for lawn care by Entrepreneur magazine, and has over 100,000 active users completing thousands of transactions per day. What started as a simple chore to cut the neighbor’s lawn has grown into something that changes many lives and generates around $20 million in revenue annually. Before starting GreenPal, Bryan Clayton founded Peachtree Inc.; one of the largest landscaping companies in the state of Tennessee, growing it to over 125 employees and $10 million a year in annual revenue before it was acquired by Lusa holdings in 2013.

Sharkie Zartman – Professor of Health & Fitness at El Camino College and Author of Win at Aging

The second half of life can be the best half; we just have
to work at it. It’s not going to be easy. 

Sharkie Zartman is a former member of the U.S. Women’s National Volleyball Team and champion competitor at UCLA. Sharkie is currently a part-time Professor at El Camino College, where she teaches classes in health and Power Vinyasa Yoga. As a coach, Sharkie has led El Camino College to nine conference championships and two state titles. She also hosts a weekly show on Healthy Life Radio called Sharkie’s PEP Talk where she interviews holistic health experts. With her years of earned experience as both a health and fitness professor, as well as a high-level athlete, Sharkie motivates people to start now and have a sporting chance at living a full and vibrant life, regardless of age. Sharkie has authored nine books, and her best selling Youth Volleyball book was ranked as a #1 Bestseller on Amazon for youth sports. Her new book, Win at Aging: How to Stay Fit, Free, and Love Your Retirement! is a plethora of advice on how to stay healthy regardless of age, developing a mindset that invites readers to see aging as an opportunity and a privilege, as well as a challenge.