March 27, 2019 – Fixer Chris Collins, $2.26 to $1 Million Grant Sabatier and Edward Jones Advice Roberto DeJesus

March 27, 2019 – Fixer Chris Collins, $2.26 to $1 Million Grant Sabatier and Edward Jones Advice Roberto DeJesus

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Chris Collins –  CEO of Chris Collins, Inc., International Business Fixer, Keynote Speaker, and Best-selling Author

If a company is losing a lot of money, to get it break even is having one
baby. And then getting it to extremely profitable is having another baby.

Chris Collins, CEO of Chris Collins, Inc., is a business outlaw, trainer, and coach. He specializes in business performance and helps companies find new streams of revenue. His track record for turning businesses around is legendary, having worked with hundreds of companies including gyms, restaurants, spas, car dealerships and jewelry shops. Chris is also the founder of Syndicate X, a society for entrepreneurs and leaders. Collins is the author of three books, including the Amazon bestseller, Gamification: Playing For Profits. He’s also the host of the business podcast, “Chris Collins Unleashed” & co-host of the podcast “The Business Outlaws.” Additionally, he is a media darling with appearances in The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Howard Stern, CBS, and New York Post, among others. He’s a turnaround specialist, like the Wolf in Pulp Fiction or the Ray Donovan of the business world.

Grant Sabatier – Author of Financial Freedom: A Proven Path to All the Money You Will Ever Need & Creator of Millennial Money

I looked at a $40,000 car and figured out I would have to work 6
more years to afford that car. When you think of spending in units
of freedom, its incredible motivating. Every hundred dollars that you
save, you are buying weeks and weeks of time in the future.

Grant Sabatier is the Author of ‘Financial Freedom’ and Creator of Millennial Money, which has reached over 10 million readers. Dubbed “The Millennial Millionaire” by CNBC, Grant went from having $2.26 to $1 million in 5 years through entrepreneurship, side hustling and investing. After reaching financial independence at the age of 30, Grant Founded, where he writes about making and investing money. He co-hosts the Financial Freedom podcast and has been featured in over 200 international media outlets including The New York Times, The Washington Post, National Public Radio, Money Magazine, ABC Nightline, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, Inc. Magazine, Forbes, The Sydney Morning Herald, and many others.

Roberto DeJesus, AAMS® – Edward Jones Financial Advisor

Roberto DeJesus joined Edward Jones as a financial advisor in 2007 and became a limited partner with them in 2015. He earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Colorado in Boulder and received the AAMS® professional designation. Originally from Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, Roberto grew up in GA, where his father was stationed at Ft. Benning. He has has served Edward Jones in many leadership capacities, most recently as a Regional Leader. Roberto is an active member of the community, serving as past chairman for the local Library Board and as a past vice chair for the West Georgia Library Board. He is married and has two children.