March 28, 2019 – Platinum Financing Bruce Mack, New Power Jeremy Heimans and Decisive Intuition Rick Snyder

March 28, 2019 – Platinum Financing Bruce Mack, New Power Jeremy Heimans and Decisive Intuition Rick Snyder

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Bruce Mack – Owner of Platinum Financing Group

We work with everything from real investors startups to brink and mortar.
We are there to tailor a program to meet their needs. 

Bruce Mack, owner and founder of Platinum Financing Group, believes that his funding options and asset protection programs are the perfect solution for all business owners to achieve complete financial freedom. With his impressive credentials and decades of experience helping thousands of clients, Bruce has honed unique skill sets and the ideal perspective to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals by implementing customized funding solutions tailored to each client’s needs. Platinum Financing Group has the most comprehensive funding programs available in the industry. As a licensed financial advisor and past owner of a licensed and bonded credit repair company, Bruce empowers small business growth through lines of credit, corporate credit building programs, term loans, bridge and gap loan financing. He also promotes a highly-specialized self-directed retirement account as a funding option that can be used for any business purpose.

Jeremy Heimans – Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of Purpose and Author of New Power: How Power Works in Our Hyperconnected World–and How to Make It Work for You

If you want your idea to spread, you need to make
it actionable, connected, and ostensible. 

Jeremy Heimans is the co-founder and CEO of Purpose, a global organization headquartered in New York that builds and supports movements for a more open, just, and habitable world. Purpose has advised organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Google and UNICEF. He is co-founder of GetUp!, an Australian political organization with more members than all of Australia’s political parties combined, and Avaaz, the world’s largest online citizens’ movement, now with nearly 50 million members worldwide. Heimans has been building movements since the age of 8 when, as a child activist in his native Australia, he ran media campaigns and lobbied leaders on issues like children’s rights and nuclear non-proliferation. He is a recipient of the Ford Foundation’s 75th anniversary Visionary Award for his work as a movement pioneer and he chaired the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Civic Participation.

Rick Snyder – CEO of Invisible Edge and Author of Decisive Intuition: Use Your Gut Instincts to Make Smart Business Decisions

If you are in a very emotional charged state,
you are probably NOT coming from intuition. 

Rick is the founder and CEO of Invisible Edge™, an international consulting firm that builds high-performance environments in major, mid-size, and emerging businesses. He leads the Invisible Edge coaches in training companies and teams to build intuitive skills and translate them into business plans and company cultures that result in more effective communication, engagement, profitability, and innovative success. His breakthrough strategies based on his book, Decisive Intuition, have been implemented by executives and businesses in Europe, Canada, Asia, Africa, and America. Rick has studied human behavior for over 20 years and has previously worked in the health-care, tourism and travel, and training spaces. He has launched four businesses and lives and travels extensively between London and San Francisco for work and leisure. For more information on live presentations, trainings, and virtual learning programs for you and your teams, please consult