March 25, 2019 – Selective Search Mitch Berk, Millennial Whisper Chris Tuff and Auto Navigator Nik Miles

March 25, 2019 – Selective Search Mitch Berk, Millennial Whisper Chris Tuff and Auto Navigator Nik Miles

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Mitch Berk – CEO at Selective Search LLC

Programmatic marketing is instead of you advertising and hoping
the customer bumps into you, you bump into the customer. 

Mitch Berk is recognized as the founder and one of the pioneers of the music sponsorship and “entertainment marketing” categories which have grown to become multi-billion dollar industries. Mitch created the first corporate and entertainment union between Jovan Fragrances and The Rolling Stones in 1981 and was deeply involved in the production of The Super Bowl Shuffle, the largest selling sports video of all time. Marketing innovation has always been a key goal for Mitch, who was involved in the development of the highly successful Jovan in-store merchandising and retail inventory management systems, and in creating unique and award winning marketing executions for many of his past clients.

Chris Tuff – The Millennial Whisper and Author of The Millennial Whisperer: The Practical, Profit-Focused Playbook for Working With and Motivating the World’s Largest Generation

Millennials are not the problem. They are just exposing the problem.

Chris Tuff was one of the first marketers to work directly with Facebook in 2005 and is now one of the foremost thought leaders in the digital space. Always on top of emerging trends, he oversees all content marketing and helps push to get our existing clients to access to first-to-market ad products and offerings. He’s responsible for partnership development with technology and media companies like Twitter, Google, Facebook, and beyond. Chris published his first book called “The Millennial Whisperer.” It became a USA Today National Bestseller #2 business book. It covers how to lead what he calls “one the most misunderstood generations of all time”- Millennials.

Nik Miles – Automotive Expert, TV and Radio Host, President of the Northwest Automotive Press Association – Sponsored by Auto Navigator by CapitalOne

Nik J. Miles is the president of the Northwest Automotive Press Association, Automotive Expert on KXL in Portland, with a show on Sunday mornings and reports as an Automotive expert for KOIN TV. With 32 years of experience as a radio and TV host, and 14 years as an automotive journalist, Nik is seen on over 50 TV station news outlets with his witty and informative automotive coverage. Nik got his start in Radio and has the #1 Portland and Seattle show for several years. Nik was an early adopter of digital media and has been part of the YouTube landscape since 2006. Born in England, Nik has worked for the BBC, Tribune Broadcasting, CBS, Entercom, and many more major broadcast network companies. Nik spends any free time he has at his house in Portland Oregon, riding his Motorcycle and working will local charitable organizations. Whenever Nik appears on TV he wears Union Jack socks.