December 29, 2022 – Security Camera AI Dr. Daniel Reichman and Berkeley SkyDeck Caroline Winnett

December 29, 2022 – Security Camera AI Dr. Daniel Reichman and Berkeley SkyDeck Caroline Winnett

Dr. Daniël Reichman – CEO and co-founder of Ai-RGUS       

If Duke University has this problem with its security 2000 cameras,
probably somebody else has that problem too. So, I ran with an
idea that wasn’t even mine. We use AI to make sure security
cameras are working. Recent estimates say there are 900
million cameras in the world. So, lots of potential problems.

Dr. Daniël Reichman

Dr. Daniël Reichman is the CEO and Chief Scientist of Ai-RGUS, an AI startup which provides a software solution to security camera systems. Ai-RGUS automatically verifies that security cameras are producing the video they were intended to capture, thereby ensuring video evidence will be available after an incident has occurred. Ai-RGUS is commercializing AI software that Dr. Reichman’s lab at Duke University developed for the institution, at the request of the administration. With over 24 university publications, Dr. Reichman obtained his doctorate in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Duke University in 2017—a program fully funded by the U.S. Army Research Office. He has successfully completed consulting projects, including the development of software to assist in reading more than 10,000 pages which needed to be summarized, and developing software to automate aspects of financial projection for New York Life Insurance’s portfolio of liabilities.

Caroline Winnett – Executive Director at Berkeley SkyDeck

Our mission is to be the world’s top global accelerator.

Caroline Winnett

Caroline Winnett is the executive director of UC Berkeley’s startup accelerator and founder of its VC fund. As a serial entrepreneur, she co-founded neuromarketing company Neurofocus, which was acquired by Nielsen, and has been in the New York Times and Business Insider. By now, we all know that women and minority-led companies need more funding, but there’s another gap-closing tool that Caroline swears by: finding a mentor. Few founders have one (22%), but nearly 70% of companies noticed a rise in productivity due to mentorship. From introducing you to valuable connections to sharing tips on getting VCs to take you seriously as a woman or person of color, mentors are like a cheat code!