October 12, 2016 – Moving Forward Eric Gilboord & Amazon Selling Changes w Michael Devlin

October 12, 2016 – Moving Forward Eric Gilboord & Amazon Selling Changes w Michael Devlin

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Eric Gilboord – Owner of WarrenBDC, Helping Owners Prepare Their Business for Sale and Author of Just Tell Me More: Marketing Tips in 10 Minute Chunks

Eric Gilboord’s new book Moving Forward helps baby boomer aged business owners when selling their company. He works to ensure both you and your business are maximized for sale or transition. Most owners and their companies are woefully not. For business buyers, he can Identify, Assess, Facilitate a Purchase, Improve, Integrate and/or help to Manage companies for you. For business sellers, his firm WarrenBDC helps to increase the value of a business, while preparing the owner and the company for sale or transition. When the owner and the business are both ready, the company can be confidently sold or transitioned on their terms. WarrenBDC specializes in working with boomer aged business owners who own companies enjoying annual sales of $3-25 Million. Larger or smaller companies are considered on an individual basis. Eric is also a contributor of hundreds of articles to dozens of newspapers, magazines and blogs. He is a weekly columnist for the Globe and Mail ROB and a public speaker for dozens of associations, groups, events and his own seminars and workshops.
Eric GilboordEric Gilboord

Michael Devlin – Product Launch & Lead Generation Expert – Founder of Mass Conversions 

Michael Devlin began his career selling online in 2006. He started in the competitive sports nutrition market and learned the hard way that you can spend a lot of money on promoting your business. In fact, he invested over $130,000.00 for paid search in his first year alone! Instead of running for the hills, he learned to love e-commerce knowing the profits were there to be made. In the early years, as he ran the data and saw how much Amazon was coming up in searches, he realized he could not outrun Amazon. Eventually, because of the intense competition with Amazon for optimisation, Michael decided to put his products on Amazon. He was proven to be one of the best e-commerce marketers on the net. He is now teaching his e-commerce knowledge on how to take a physical product business from launch to producing over $41.2M in student sales and successes internationally to date. His site Mass Conversions is backed by a suite of innovative tools within Michael’s own proprietary software platform named Profits Engine.
Michael DevlinMichael Devlin

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