How The Fifa World Cup Can Benefit Your Food And Drink Business


How The Fifa World Cup Can Benefit Your Food And Drink Business

The World Cup can be a hugely exciting time where many people may wish for more time off work. There are games to watch at different times for the best part of a month, with plenty of goals, joy and commiserations to go around. When it comes to your food and drink business, the World Cup can also offer a great opportunity to increase your profit, grow your business, and gain more customers at the same time. Here are a few suggestions to help get you started.

Check your opening times

With World Cups, the games can be on at some pretty strange times. As it is held in Qatar this year many of the games may not be shown during your opening hours, or most people’s opening hours for that matter. You cannot make money if you are closed, so (licence depending of course) consider opening earlier or later, putting on a breakfast deal or late night snacks and give your customers an experience so great they will want to watch all the matches with you.


The World Cup is a fantastic time to consider the kind of specials you are offering and do something special. Tailor your dishes to the countries that are playing, add in a bottle of beer or cocktail as well, and people from all over will come and remember your establishment. For Spain: pair a paella with San Miguel or Estrella, for Brazil: a caipirinha and Feijoada. Lots of fun for you and your customers.

Decorate and advertise

There is no point in having a bunch of amazing specials, changing your opening hours, and hosting a special watch party if no one knows about any of it. The first and most impactful thing you can do is to decorate your business to show it is a place where the World Cup will be shown. Put up bunting with all of the flags of the teams that are competing, get in the coasters and other decorations that your suppliers will usually have to give you, and create a fun and football heavy atmosphere for your customers to enjoy.

Once the competition progresses have a board to update the scores and each team’s soccer World Cup odds of making it through, which will keep it fresh in your customer’s minds and let them know when the next big game is. Use an email campaign, Facebook marketing or any other means at your disposal to let your customers know you are open and ready to bring them something special this World Cup and they will soon flock to your business.

While some businesses may show the World Cup games each tournament, to really capitalise on your potential profits you need to make your establishment look ready to host, come up with specials to tantalise your football fans and communicate exactly when you are open and which games you will be showing. If a customer turns up for a game they think will be on and it is not, they won’t come back, and likewise if they have a great experience for the first game, they will return over and over again. Give these tips a go this World Cup and see how your business can benefit.