July 10, 2017 – Web Design & WordPress Guru Phil Singleton, Women in Male Dominated Industries Maggie Georgopoulos & DonorSee Gret Glyer

July 10, 2017 – Web Design & WordPress Guru Phil Singleton, Women in Male Dominated Industries Maggie Georgopoulos & DonorSee Gret Glyer

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Phil Singleton – Web Design and WordPress Development, Search Engine Optimization Guru and CEO of Kansas City Website Design & SEO

Phil Singleton’s first love is helping companies generate more phone call leads and email inquiries so his clients can grow their revenues. Web design and SEO are just a means to this end. Since the Internet drives more purchase decisions than anything, Phil has devoted the last ten years working with companies of all sizes to dominate search engine rankings. Phil’s resume is unique and unlike any you will find in Kansas City or the Midwest. He has helped dozens of US startups and tech companies raise over $20 million is strategic venture capital investments and he ran the global retail and online sales divisions for a best-selling line of consumer software products. Phil started a software company in Asia, raising over $1 million in venture capital funding, grew to profitability with 25 employees, and then sold three years later. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, lived in Asia for over 10 years, and has traveled extensively throughout the Asia-Pacific region on business. And finally, he may be the world’s most successful SEO Internet marketer that has never had an active Facebook account!
Phil SingletonPhil Singleton

Maggie Georgopoulos – Destigmatising Mental Health and Author of Up the Ladder in a Skirt: Solidifying Your Leadership, One Bold Step at a Time

Maggie Georgopoulos specializes in helping female talent reach their full potential. She is an author, speaker, and executive coach. Maggie is a degree qualified Mechanical Engineer who rose to become the executive chairman (and the only female on the board at the time) of a large agricultural company in Australia by the age of 32. She has experience in a wide range of industries, largely those with a reputation for being male dominated: manufacturing, automotive, oil and gas, and agriculture. She shares her own experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly, as well as those of other leading female executives and entrepreneurs, in a down to earth and insightful style. Maggie began her career as an apprentice electrician with mining giant BHP in Australia and has even worked with Maasai women, assisting them in setting up micro businesses to generate the funds needed to clothe their children and send them to school. Maggie is passionate about her work and is a great leader and motivator in her field and her community and strongly believes that everyone is born with the ability to succeed.
Maggie GeorgopoulosMaggie Georgopoulos

Gret Glyer – Founder and CEO at DonorSee

Gret Glyer founded DonorSee to be the best place to give your money. Whenever you donate on DonorSee, you see exactly where your money goes. DonorSee aid workers take pictures and videos of your money making an impact. DonorSee is a platform that makes it easier than ever to give to needs all around the world. Gret wants people to see where their money is going an then feel good about it. So, if you’re thinking of giving money, DonorSee makes the process complete.

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