July 11, 2017 – No Stress Marvin Marshall, Upside Futurist Ken Gronbach & Breakdown to Breakthrough Michael Papanek

July 11, 2017 – No Stress Marvin Marshall, Upside Futurist Ken Gronbach & Breakdown to Breakthrough Michael Papanek

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Dr. Marvin Marshall – Speaker and Author of Live Without Stress: How to Enjoy the Journey

Dr. Marvin Marshall is an educator, writer, and professional speaker and is widely known for his stress management expertise. His book, “Live without Stress: How to Enjoy the Journey,” is the third in his trilogy of “without stress” books. His others are “Discipline without Stress: How Teachers and Parents Promote Responsibility & Learning” and his multiple-award winning parenting book, “Parenting without Stress: How to Raise Responsible Kids While Keeping a Life of Your Own.” He has presented in 44 states and in 25 countries on 5 continents to organizations and companies, schools, school districts, universities, and governments. He has subscribers from around the world to his free monthly Without Stress newsletter. His WithoutStress.com has abundant free resources, including a charity for schools and DisciplineOnline.com is his eLearning discipline course.
Marvin MarshallMarvin Marshall

Ken Gronbach – Demographer, Futurist and Author of Upside: Profiting from the Profound Demographic Shifts Ahead

Kenneth W. Gronbach is president of KGC Direct and author of the bestselling book “The Age Curve: How to Profit from the Coming Demographic Storm” and the book “Decades of Differences, Making it Work.” His new book “Upside: Profiting from the Profound Demographic Shifts Ahead” was released in April, 2017. His first book “Common Census, the Counter-Intuitive Guide to Generational Marketing” was published in 2005. Ken is a very popular global keynote speaker who forecasts that the United States’ best days are ahead, not behind. He has forecast that manufacturing and industry will return to the United States, because China’s labor force is destined to do a demographic meltdown because of its “One Child Only” policy. Ken’s decades of successful marketing experience and fourteen years of proprietary demographic research have enabled him to forecast markets and societal trends with amazing accuracy. Ken built KGA, INC., a $40 million advertising agency from the ground up in the 1980’s and 1990’s.
Ken GronbachKen Gronbach

Michael Papanek – Speaker, Leadership Coach, Change Consultant and Author of From Breakdown to Breakthrough: Forging Resilient Business Relationships in the Heat of Change

Michael Papanek specializes in providing leaders with practical strategies and skills to implement change. His experience combines twenty plus years with a wide array of clients in high-tech, retail, health care, and financial services, as well as local, state, and federal governments and non-profit organizations. He has lead transformational change initiatives in the areas of product/service innovation, IT transformation and new go-to-market strategies. Michael’s clients include Agilent, Amgen, Apple Computer, Charles Schwab, Cisco Systems, Clorox, eBay, EA, GE, Google, HP, Kaiser, Microsoft, Moody’s/KMV, Southwestern Energy, Sprint, StubHub, US Forest Service, US Steel, Visa, VMWare, Wells Fargo Bank, and Yahoo!. Using an “action learning model,” he combines keen insight and the right level of humor to help leaders and teams improve relationships, gain skills, and achieve exciting new outcomes. His experience includes 15 years at Interaction Associates (IA), a global consulting and performance improvement firm where he had senior management roles including company strategy, product innovation and business development. Prior to joining Interaction Associates, Michael was a systems engineer and account manager at Electronic Data Systems (EDS).
Michael PapanekMichael Papanek

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