July 7, 2017 – Internet Lawyer Richard Chapo & Driverless Cars Alex Salkever

July 7, 2017 – Internet Lawyer Richard Chapo & Driverless Cars Alex Salkever

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Richard Chapo – Internet Lawyer for Businesses Operating Online

Richard Chapo is an Internet business lawyer and business owner, and is always completely amazed at the evolution of the online entrepreneurial world. As an Internet attorney, he advises large and small business entities on legal and regulatory obligations when operating online pursuant to laws such as the DMCA, COPPA, and Communications Decency Act. His 1990s were spent working for a firm specializing in complex contractual bad faith matters. Developing a case of wanderlust, he accepted a position working as a professor at a Chita State Technical University teaching law and cultural English in Siberia, Russia. Upon return to California, his attention turned to the commercialization of the Internet. Unlike many legal fields, Internet law was in its infancy in 2000 with even common documents such as a privacy policy or terms and conditions open to legal interpretation. Richard has been operating his own firm specializing in cyber law since then with an emphasis on providing legal advice on topics such as copyright infringement, trademarks, privacy, user-generated content, section 230 defamation, COPPA, FERPA compliance for private companies, and a host of other topics. He regularly negotiates and prepares contract agreements, terms of service, disclaimers, and web development agreements as well as other legal documents for clients.
Richard ChapoRichard Chapo

Alex Salkever –  VP of Marketing Communications at Mozilla and Author of The Driver in the Driverless Car: How Our Technology Choices Will Create the Future

Alex Salkever is Vice President of Marketing Communications at Mozilla. He was a technology editor of BusinessWeek, a regular science contributor to the Christian Science Monitor, and a contributor to The Immigrant Exodus. He helps technology companies grow by building communities and creating memorable content. He also enjoys conceiving and developing products and has an extensive writing background with a decade of experience as a journalist. He writes books that bring the future into the present. Alex also dabbles in coding.
Alex SalkeverAlex Salkever

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