February 12, 2024 – Video in Education Vishal Shah and Lead Like a Genius Melanie van de Velde

February 12, 2024 – Video in Education Vishal Shah and Lead Like a Genius Melanie van de Velde

Vishal Shah – CEO of Screencastify

Having the grit and the thick skin to not take many ‘no’s’ as
the answer or
to take a ‘no’ and figure out how to continue is
the key to all of entrepreneurship.
I truly believe that there is
no problem that is unsolvable. I disagree with
the ‘fail fast’
catch phrase.

Vishal Shah

Vishal Shah is CEO of Screencastify, the leading company helping teachers and students be more effective through Video. He is a software entrepreneur, builder and investor. Previously, I have Co-Founded LearnCore, which was acquired by Showpad and co-founded non-profit tech co-working space, Catapult Chicago, which joined with 1871. Established in 2016, Screencastify is the leading end-to-end video creation platform that makes recording, editing, sharing, assessing, and viewing video more simple for everyone. Tens of millions of people in more than 190 countries use Screencastify to record and edit on-demand video. Used in education, business, and for personal creation, Screencastify provides an accessible way for anyone to create video that saves time, expands their reach, and brings a new level of clarity to their communication. The Modern Classrooms Project (MCP) is a nonprofit organization founded and led by former K-12 educators. MCP empowers educators to meet every learner’s needs through blended, self-paced, mastery-based instruction, and has supported over 65,000 educators worldwide. Only 19% of educators in traditional classrooms report having time for one-on-one and small-group instruction while 86% of Modern Classrooms educators are able to work closely with each of their students during class, because of the way they use technology in their classrooms.

Dr. Melanie van de Velde – Social Innovation Research Director at Cambridge University and Lead Like a Genius: How to outgrow the competition and transform our world 

If you think about a genius, the first thing you think is they must have a
high IQ. Harvard research shows that high IQ is not the common trait
among geniuses. The human brain, when seeing opposites, sees one
or the other. We struggle to combine both opposites. That is precisely
what the most famous geniuses in history did differently.

Dr. Melanie van de Velde

Dr. Melanie van de Velde supports business leaders to build more powerful sustainability practices into their strategy to achieve a 200-400% higher impact return across the sustainability landscape, improved business growth, productivity and brand value. Her thought-leading tools and insights are based on her 20 years of experience, and her research awarded the Adam Smith Prize for PhD Excellence, nominated by the Social Innovation Centre at Cambridge University. While simple to apply, her framework underpins the globe’s most successful impact strategies. Melanie has managed Asia Pacific markets at a multi-billion dollar tech company. She’s worked in senior management at IT start-ups. And she has run an impact business to empower young women without an education in a Nairobi slum. Aside from a PhD, Melanie holds an MBA with Distinction and an MSc in Industrial Engineering. Dr van de Velde is the author of: LEAD LIKE A GENIUS: How to outgrow the competition & transform our world (out Jan 24); LOVE YOUR LEGACY: Five secrets of leading businesses that build a better world (new edition out in 2024).