February 9, 2024 – Bigly Sales Thomas Ryan and Wealth Amplifier Wendy Brookhouse

February 9, 2024 – Bigly Sales Thomas Ryan and Wealth Amplifier Wendy Brookhouse

Thomas Ryan – CEO and Founder of Bigly Sales – Using AI in Sales

Not taking outside money if you don’t need to is the way to go. As soon as
you take the outside money, you are on a clock and they can kill you
if you’re not careful.

Thomas Ryan

Thomas Ryan is CEO and founder of Bigly Sales, is a visionary leader reshaping the sales landscape through innovative AI solutions. With a background in staffing and executive experience at Workbeast LLC, Thomas identified the need for streamlined sales processes in the evolving market. His journey from the staffing industry to the forefront of AI-driven sales reflects his dedication to leveraging technology, evident in Bigly Sales’ cutting-edge tools for Lead Generation and customizable landing pages. Thomas’s commitment to efficiency and client appreciation positions Bigly Sales as a trailblazer in the tech industry, showcasing his ongoing dedication to enhancing the sales experience through the power of artificial intelligence.

Wendy Brookhouse – Founder of Black Star Wealth 

There are two big numbers we have to know. The first number is EBITDA
and then we look at your industry. We look at your score on the ‘8 Drivers
of Value’ and we multiply those together to give you a multiple to give you
the value of your business.

Wendy Brookhouse

Wendy Brookhouse is the “The Ultimate Wealth Amplifier” by empowering ambitious entrepreneurs to maximize and amplify ALL their assets. Wendy has been assisting Business Owners in building their wealth – and that includes the value of their business – for almost two decades. Her firm, Black Star Wealth is a boutique financial planning firm that serves clients from across the country, virtually, from here in Halifax. Her flagship, proprietary Total Wealth Blueprint, and the Business Value Amplifier provide Business owners with the tools they need to amplify their health, relationships, and wealth. She is the host of The Real Bottom Line Podcast and the author of Burn Your Budget: How to Spend Your Way to Financial Freedom. She has been featured in the Globe and Mail, Financial Post, Investment Executive, and more.