February 14, 2024 – Metaverse Workplace Jason Gesing and Medical Trial Entrepreneur Liz Presson

February 14, 2024 – Metaverse Workplace Jason Gesing and Medical Trial Entrepreneur Liz Presson

Jason Gesing – Metaverse at Work Expert and Author of The Metaverse Workplace Revolution: A Path to Greater Profitability, a Stronger Culture, and Industry Disruption

Virbela is the premier metaverse platform for business.
I have been using it since 2016.

Jason Gesing

Jason Gesing is author of ‘The Metaverse Workplace Revolution’, and is a pioneer in Metaverse-based work environments. He is an attorney and the co-founder and CEO of OMNUS Technologies, Inc. and OMNUS Law, companies that use technology to unlock competitive advantages in positive and strategic ways. In addition, he currently serves on the board of directors of the Nasdaq-listed company eXp World Holdings, Inc. Prior, he was CEO of eXp Realty, the Metaverse-based real estate brokerage with approximately 86,000 agents and brokers across twenty-four countries. Jason helped lead and drive the growth of eXp Realty from fewer than 50 agents in early 2010 to more than 86,000 agents and brokers across 24 countries at the end of 2022. Jason continues to serve on the Board of Directors for eXp World Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: EXPI). He resides with his family in the greater Boston area.

Liz Presson – Founder & Chief Strategist of Pursuit

I walked into my boss’s office and said ‘I quit’ and then
I gave him a proposal to become my first client.

Liz Presson

Liz is the founder of Pursuit, a consultancy firm transforming healthcare organizations into digital leaders by helping them to better engage with patients through digital communication strategies, programs and awareness campaigns. Liz was previously Director of Marketing for Digi International before venturing out in 2013 as a healthcare marketing entrepreneur, building a base of small clients, and eventually signing on her previous global company as her own client! Today, Pursuit directs clinical research recruitment initiatives for Fortune 500 pharmaceutical organizations, leads public awareness campaigns around health epidemics, and builds advocacy programs for medical device companies. Liz has spoken at many conferences, including Technori on bringing the right role players/team members together in entrepreneurial projects, and her articles on company culture and technology have been published in The Muse, The Guardian, and Fast Company. Liz Presson operates at the nexus of patient engagement, innovation, and digital strategy. Her team orchestrates clinical research recruitment endeavors for Fortune 500 pharmaceutical entities, orchestrates public awareness crusades concerning health epidemics, constructs advocacy schemes for medical device firms, and spearheads the transformation of influential healthcare entities into digital pioneers. Liz’s insights on company culture and technology have graced the pages of Fast Company, Forbes, Inc., Mashable, Yahoo, The Muse, among others, while her personal essays and memoirs have found homes in The Guardian, BUST Magazine, Marie Claire, The Rumpus, Ravishly, and other notable publications. She has graced the stages of esteemed events such as Stanford Medicine X, PulsePoint’s Digital Health Forum, the Disease Awareness Campaigns Forum, Technori, Internet of Things North America, Internet Summit, MIMA, the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization National Conference, World Maker Faire, and numerous other conferences, sharing her insights and expertise with audiences worldwide.