September 23, 2021 – Very Big Things Chris Stegner and RE Investor Douglas J. Beck

September 23, 2021 – Very Big Things Chris Stegner and RE Investor Douglas J. Beck

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Chris Stegner – CEO at Very Big Things

The world has shifted in the last decade to revere dorks!

Chris Stegner founded his first tech company at the age of 13 in Seattle. He relocated to Florida in 1999 and has since founded several successful startups and assisted in launching digital products for some of the world’s most recognized companies and government institutions. In 2013, he joined Bitovi where he helped build Walmart’s mobile app, T-Mobile’s mobile app, Sam’s Club mobile app, Levi’s mobile app, and other large enterprise projects. In 2018 Chris co-founded Very Big Things (VBT), the digital products agency focused on transformation and disruption.

Douglas J. Beck – Account Executive at Builders Trust Capital

If you are not talking on the phone, you are probably not
putting together deals. Get on the phone and call people! 

Douglas J. Beck is a speaker, a life coach, an entrepreneur, a consultant to established and aspiring entrepreneurs, and a business growth strategist. After working in Corporate IT and Procurement for several years, Douglas made the bold decision to give up his 9-to-5 career for the freedom of entrepreneurship. Though challenging, Douglas has learned a great deal on his journey, and he enjoys the life he has built for his family. As an expert real estate investor, Douglas has closed hundreds of transactions on properties all across the country, joint-ventured with other real estate professionals, and coached hundreds of clients on starting and growing a successful real estate investing business. At a deeper level, Douglas is passionate about helping people live fuller lives. Through life coaching, he helps people who feel stuck, overwhelmed, disconnected, or burnt out in their current careers to find peace and clarity. As a consultant, he helps leaders strategize on all areas of their professional lives and get the results that will elevate their business or career. Douglas does all of this while helping clients use real estate investing as a means to achieving their goals.