July 23, 2015 – Game Changer Movie Star Valen Vergara & Radio and Podcast Guru Mike Carruthers

July 23, 2015 – Game Changer Movie Star Valen Vergara & Radio and Podcast Guru Mike Carruthers

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Valen Vergara – Award Winning Author, Social Entrepreneur, Game Changer Cohost, and Marketer

Valen Vergara is an award winning Author, Executive Coach, Speaker & B2C Marketer. Valen is the author of “The People, Planet, Profit Entrepreneur” and is one of the brains behind The Thought Authorities, a branding, publishing and mastermind network. He is the president of Team Made Real Estate (TMR), a multi-divisional real estate firm. TMR is Canada’s real estate education, event & investing platform. Valen is also the Organizer for the Everyday Investors United Manitoba. He is the Co-Founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Society International, an exclusive event, seminar & mastermind organization. He is the President of the Winnipeg Campus for The Academy of Significance, and he is the CEO at Now Network Joint Ventures Corp., focusing on US investing. Valen was one of a select few entrepreneurial experts in North America chosen as a cast member in the movie “Game Changer,” a documentary about increasing performance in business & life through the delivery of advanced, practical and implementable strategies.
Valen VergaraValen VergaraValen Vergara

Mike Carruthers – CEO, Strand Media & Founder of PerfectYourPodcast.com

Mike Carruthers has a nationally syndicated radio program on over 130 stations in the U.S.!  He offers 1.”Something You Should Know” – a daily feature offering listeners fascinating “news you can use” in areas of concern to today’s adults and  2. “Relevant Prep” – a daily service provided to radio air talent that gives them interesting topical and useful information they can share with their listeners. From money and time management to job hunting and parenting, Mike shares great advice on his “Something You Should Know” interviews. He has featured all the very best experts in countless topics. Mike is with us today to talk about his new venture, an educational platform designed to help YOU create the best podcast possible!
Mike Carruthers Mike Carruthers Mike Carruthers

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