July 22, 2015 – 34 Patents w Reza Raji & Magazine Founder Mariana Silva-Buck

July 22, 2015 – 34 Patents w Reza Raji & Magazine Founder Mariana Silva-Buck

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Reza Raji – Founder of Juggle Labs and Winner of 2014 CEA Innovation Entrepreneur Award

Reza Raji is the founder of Juggle Labs and has been creating and delivering great products with great teams. He loves innovating and taking ideas from nothing to life-changing. Reza helped pioneer the concept for connecting sensors and devices to the Internet in 1998 while he was at Echelon, way before internet of things and Cloud were in our vernacular. It ultimately led to his founding of iControl, for which he raised over $110M through angels, Kleiner Perkins, Charles River Ventures, Intel, Cisco, and Comcast. Their customers included ADT (ADT Pulse), Comcast (Xfinity Home), Time Warner (IntelligentHome), Rogers (Home Monitoring), and Cox (Home Security). Reza was the winner of the 2014 CEA Innovation Entrepreneur Award and has 34 US and international patents. His new company, Juggle Labs, created a super fun and easy way to get together with friends.
Reza RajiReza RajiReza Raji

Mariana Silva-Buck – CEO and President at Beautiful World International Inc

Mariana Silva-Buck created a luxury magazine called Beautiful World International. Its core aim and purpose is to bring to life all aspects of luxury lifestyle from fashion to property and from travel to the tools for those leading or aspiring to lead a luxury lifestyle. Through its media outlets, Beautiful World International delivers the very best in luxury lifestyle from around the world. Through its key network of correspondents, affiliations, network, membership and client base the magazine and TV network will inform, highlight and provide coverage of every aspect of luxury lifestyle. So whether you’re already an established individual enjoying the finer things in life or aspire to reach a certain status in life and enjoy the trappings afforded by wealth and prosperity then this is the magazine and TV network for you.
Mariana Silva-Buck Mariana Silva-Buck Mariana Silva-Buck

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