October 28, 2020 – Swag.com and URL Rental Jeremy Parker and Building Resilience Eileen McDargh

October 28, 2020 – Swag.com and URL Rental Jeremy Parker and Building Resilience Eileen McDargh

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Jeremy Parker – Co-Founder and CEO at Swag.com

If you are an entrepreneur, the founder, you may not like to sell,
but you have to sell. That is your job as a founder, you have
to get the first sales. 

Jeremy Parker is the Founder and Chief Execuetive Officer of Swag.com, a custom eCommerce platform for purchasing quality promotional products that people will actually want to keep. Founder of UP App and one of Crain’s NY 40 Under 40 Class of 2020, Jeremy is passionate about infusing consciousness into how we consume. In 2016, Parker realized that the promotional products industry is a $40 billion industry with 30,000 players in the space but no clear winner. He found out that the industry hasn’t changed much in the last 10 years, however, the buyer has. Parker thought it would be the perfect time to build a brand that appeals to today’s buyer, and Swag.com was born. Currently, Swag.com is on Inc.com’s Top 500 at #218, having worked with thousands of companies including Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Harry’s, Starbucks, Uber, Spotify, Netflix and Tik Tok. The company did $365k in business year one, $1.1M year two, $7M in sales year three and $10M this year.

Eileen McDargh – CEO at the Resiliency Group and Author of Burnout to Breakthrough

When we work for ourselves, we work for the hardest person
in the world. We don’t get a vacation! We are constantly on. 

Eileen McDargh is the Founder and CEO (Chief Energy Officer) at the Resiliency Group, a division of McDargh Communications, where she draws on practical business know-how, life experience, and years of consulting with major national and international organizations, including global pharmaceuticals, the U.S. Armed Forces, healthcare associations, and religious institutions. As CEO of McDargh Communications, Eileen creates an energy connection that results in positive change, strong leadership, employee engagement, and work/life integration. Eileen is a certified speaking professional (CSP) and her election into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame places her among the top 3% of speakers in the United States. In 2019, a British-based provider of resources for leadership, Global Gurus ranked McDargh number one on its World’s Top 30 Communication Professionals list following a global survey of 22,000 business professionals. Eileen has written six books and her seventh and latest book, Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resilience to Refuel, Recharge, and Reclaim What Matters, helps pinpoint the causes of burnout and examine the energy demands that keep a person from refueling and recharging.