October 27, 2020 – Teen Coffee Tyler Ornstein and Lessons from Leaders Jan-Benedict Steenkamp

October 27, 2020 – Teen Coffee Tyler Ornstein and Lessons from Leaders Jan-Benedict Steenkamp

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Tyler Ornstein – Owner and CEO of Tyler’s Coffee

The differentiator between ‘I wish’ and ‘I have’ is one word,
and that is work. 

Tyler Ornstein is the founder of the world’s first and only acid-free coffee in the market, and he has developed a business around them. Tyler loved the taste and smell of coffee from his first sip at 5 years old, but his father couldn’t tolerate it because it upset his stomach. So Tyler’s dad, Ian, a genius bio-chemist, tinkered quietly behind the scenes and created the world’s first-acid free coffee that is actually healthy to drink. Excited about sharing this great-tasting revolutionary coffee with neighbors and friends, Tyler started going door-to-door on his bicycle, and Tyler’s Coffee was born. It wasn’t an overnight success, it’s a story of Tyler’s dogged pursuit, passion, and purpose to bring his product to market, starting on his bicycle at 16. Tyler’s Coffee now operates with a full warehouse and staff and is sold in stores across the globe, predominately locally owned food cooperatives and natural markets. Today, at the age of 30, Tyler possesses a vast amount of expertise that surpasses many two times his age, and guides others on how to bring a retail product to market or navigate the shoals of business start-up and growth.

Jan Benedict Steenkamp – Co-Founder of AiMark and C. Knox Professor of Marketing at the University of North Carolina 

You have to be what you are and what you are, you can improve.
But, don’t try to become a person that you are not. 

Jan-Benedict Steenkamp is the C. Knox Massey Distinguished Professor of Marketing at the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, and an Honorary Professor at EIASM, Brussels. Steenkamp is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Institute AiMark; a global center involving Fortune 500 companies that spearheads the BG 20 project uncovering drivers of sustainable brand growth. Since his days as an undergraduate student at Wageningen University, he has held a variety of leadership positions at four universities in three countries, at professional organizations, non-profits, research councils, and a political party. He has published a dozen business case studies, including multiple cases on the role of inspired leadership in company success, all of which are available through the Case Center. Steenkamp has been recognized as a Teaching All-Star by UNC’s MBA program, and has recieved the Muller lifetime prize for “exceptional achievements in the area of the behavioral and social sciences.” A prolific writer, Professor Steenkamp is the author of five business books, the latest of which is Time to Lead: Lessons for Today’s Leaders from Bold Decisions that Changed History