October 29, 2020 – Netflix Producer Glen Zipper and Filmmaker Elaine Mongeon

October 29, 2020 – Netflix Producer Glen Zipper and Filmmaker Elaine Mongeon

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Glen Zipper – Producer of Academy Award Winner Undefeated and Co-Author of Devastation Class

A really good story has characters that you are invested in who
go on some sort of journey.

Glen Zipper, Founder of Zipper Bros Films, is a New Jersey assistant state prosecutor who left the law behind to to embark on a career in filmmaking in Los Angeles. Glen produced the Oscar-winning documentary Undefeated, and the popular Netflix Original series Dogs, which was greenlit for a second season. He is also known for recently producing the HBO film Showbiz Kids directed by Alex Winter of the hit franchise Bill and Ted, and is the producer of the Emmy Award-nominated and Critics Choice Awards-winning HBO series What’s My Name: Muhammad Ali. Glen’s latest project with Team Downey was recently announced, THE BOND; a Discovery television series about the unique bond between animals and humans. Glen’s other prior credits include the Grammy Award®-winning Foo Fighters: Back and Forth, and the Emmy Award®-winning George Harrison: Living in the Material World. Glen’s debut sci-fi novel with Elaine Mongeon, Devastation Class, was recently released in September 2020.

Elaine Mongeon – Award-winning Filmmaker and Co-Author of Devastation Class

Our book is Young Adult, Sci-fi, a space opera. Its set in the
distant future abroad a star ship.

Elaine Mongeon is an award-winning filmmaker, known for writing and directing the short films Good Morning for Warner Bros. Pictures. She also co-wrote, directed, and produced the Hulu-Sundance Institute Huluween Film Fest Grand Prize-winning short film Swiped to Death. Elaine was also an associate producer and executive on notable films and series such as Magic Mike XXLLogan Lucky, and Red Oaks. Written with filmmaker Glen Zipper, her latest novel, Devastation Class follows an unlikely group of young cadets forced to mutiny aboard a revolutionary starship to save themselves from an annihilation force of invading aliens.