October 30, 2020 – Online Sales Data Guru Parker Stevenson and Online Bakery Chelsea Martin

October 30, 2020 – Online Sales Data Guru Parker Stevenson and Online Bakery Chelsea Martin

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Parker Stevenson – Co-Owner & Chief Business Officer at Evolved Finance

Once we can organize financial data for our clients, they start to gain deeper insights into their business and its profits. If its not as profitable as it should be, where are the areas I need to light a fire under?

Parker Stevenson is the Co-Owner of Evolved Finance, a bookkeeping and business education company dedicated to helping online entrepreneurs create profitable and healthy businesses. Founded in 2010, Evolved Finance began as a small, boutique bookkeeping firm and is now the go-to financial team for some of the most successful and well-known online businesses in the industry. The company’s clients include authors, bloggers, business coaches, creatives, educators, Internet marketers, marketing agencies, and public speakers. Believing finance shouldn’t be complicated, the company strives to equip all entrepreneurs with a solid understanding of the financial aspect of their organizations. Parker is a high energy speaker that makes finance, operations, and business strategy both entertaining and easy to understand. He also hosts the company-produced podcast, The Bottom Line by Evolved Finance, covering topics such as contractors versus employees, social media’s relationship with driving revenue, and more.

Chelsea Martin – Corporate Gifting Guru and Co-Owner of Noms Bake Shop

Most companies have a budget for room drops or catering and
are reallocating for gifts to invite people to events or as
a scheduled opening during an event.

Chelsea Martin is the Co-Owner of Noms Bake Shop, the industry expert in the art of convenient corporate gifting that leaves a lasting impression. In the noisy world of gift-giving, Noms Bake Shop makes you the hero, providing a solution to gifting by cutting through the clutter and delivering a premium twist on traditional baked goods in a highly personalized way that’s easy to order. When the business first started and cookies were churned out of their home kitchen, Noms was baking an average of 250 cookies a day. Today, an average of 3,000 to 5,000 cookies emerge from the bakeshop, and this total easily reaches the 15,000-a-day mark during holidays. Prior to founding Noms, Chelsea attended Arizona State University and the University of Southern California. She also has extensive experience in marketing and real estate and is passionate about helping companies impress, retain, and grow their customers and client base.