November 20, 2019 – Unshackled Aaron Young and LGBTQ Make It Better Kathleen Archambeau

November 20, 2019 – Unshackled Aaron Young and LGBTQ Make It Better Kathleen Archambeau

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Aaron Scott Young – CEO of Laughlin Associates 

If you have a difficult task, give it to a lazy man, and he will
find an easier way to do it.

Aaron Young has been empowering business owners to build strong companies and proactively protect their dreams for over 20 years. An entrepreneur with several multi-million-dollar companies under his belt, Aaron has made it his life’s work to arm other business owners with success formulas that immediately provide exponential growth and protection. As CEO of Laughlin Associates, Aaron has served as a strategic-thinking partner for more than 80,000 business owners across a wide range of industries. Having witnessed both their common mistakes and common successes, he knows what works and what does not. Clients call on Aaron for his opinion and help brainstorming every aspect of business operations, including Corporate structuring, asset management and protection, growth strategies, partnership issues, leadership, and corporate compliance. Aaron is an engaging teacher who speaks directly to the hearts and minds of entrepreneurs as only another business owner can. He is regularly invited to contribute articles, blogs, or his expert opinion for media outlets nationwide. As a celebrated keynote and breakout speaker, Aaron has addressed entrepreneurial and business audiences for some major players in global trading and finance. He is in high demand for his expertise on asset-protection tax planning and is noted for his signature speech, Building Your Corporate Fortress. Over the years, he has spoken to more than 100,000 people on four continents. Aaron has served as a board or advisory board member for several organizations—including CEO Space International, A Human Project, The California Women’s Conference, Ripple Effect, Catarinas Club, International Crowd Funding Association, Portland Center Stage, and Integrative Medical Arts Center.

Kathleen Archambeau – Principal at Archambeau Associates and Author of We Make It Better: The LGBTQ Community and Their Positive Contributions to Society

Kathleen Archambeau has connected LGBTQ luminaries from Tony Kushner to Adrienne Rich in the movement for equal rights since 1992.  As a founding member of the James Hormel LGBT wing of the San Francisco Public Library, she has supported access to LGBT history and literature for all. Awarded for her work as VP of the Board and Co-Chair of the Fundraising Committee of one of the largest mental health agencies dedicated to serving the queer community, she, along with the Board, raised more money than the prior 10 years for mental health services for LGBT clients grappling with AIDS, breast cancer, coming out, gender identity, self-esteem, employment, custody and housing discrimination issues. A same-gender ballroom dancer, Kathleen and her wife participated in the Gay Games in Cologne and won two medals. They encouraged LGBTQ teens to find like-minded friends via their appearance in Robert Cortlandt and Winter Held’s film for The Trevor Project, the “It Gets Better” video project series aimed at reducing LGBTQ teen suicide, 4X more likely than straight teen suicide rates and 8X more likely for LGBTQ teens in religiously condemning households. Archambeau also wrote a regular column of inspiring profiles for one of the largest LGBTQ newspapers in the US and the first in California, the SAN FRANCISCO BAY TIMES. Currently, Archambeau serves as the Board Secretary of the Women’s National Book Association, San Francisco Chapter and on the organizing committee for April Follies.  An award-winning nonfiction writer and journalist, Archambeau wrote a regular column profiling icons for one of the oldest queer newspapers in the country. Her first book was endorsed by Nancy Pelosi and Leslie Blodgett and featured twice in Forbes. Her essay, “Seized,” one of only two Lesbian essays in a collection of 21 authors that included Jane Smiley, The Other Woman edited by Victoria Zackheim was lauded by Publishers Weekly for its “top-drawer writers” and featured on The Today Show, People, L.A. Sunday Weekly and O magazines. A founding supporter of the LGBT wing of the SF Public Library and the Dance of America Foundation Board, VP and Co-Chair of Fundraising for one of the first mental health agencies dedicated to services for the LGBT community, Archambeau has worked tirelessly to extend equal access to all LGBTQ persons.