November 19, 2019 – Fuel50 Anne Fulton, Culture Fix Colin Ellis and Cetera’s Gene Goldman

November 19, 2019 – Fuel50 Anne Fulton, Culture Fix Colin Ellis and Cetera’s Gene Goldman

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Anne Fulton – Co-Founder and CEO of Fuel50 

Fuel50 helps you create a career path and a future for yourself.

Anne Fulton is founder and CEO of Fuel50, one of the fastest-growing HR technology vendors in the world. The company offers the award-winning Fuel50 career experience platform that delivers engagement and increases retention with employees. Fuel50’s technology operates in 28 countries and more than 50 Fortune 500 companies such as EBay, Pepsi, Walmart, MasterCard and TexasHealth. Anne and her team are dedicated to improving employee engagement, supporting diversity initiatives and creating career acceleration programs for employees whether they are high potentials, talent, graduates or emerging leaders. After deployment of its technology, Fuel50 customers experience up to 30% increase in employee engagement and an average 60% reduction in churn. Anne is an experienced registered organizational psychologist, executive career and performance coach and strategic contributor to organizational development strategies that have resulted in tangible ROI and, in particular, engagement uplifts in multiple organizations. She is recognized as a global expert in talent management systems from onboarding, performance, succession and talent planning, consulting with many of the worlds’ thought-leading organizations. Fuel50 and Anne Fulton have won several awards, including Best Practises Institute Founders Award December 2016, KeyIntervals Top HR Tech companies to watch in 2016B, BrandonHall Gold Award 2015 for Best Advance in Career Management Technology, Exporter of the Year – StartUp Category, Finalist – NZ Innovators Award, and Awesome New Technologies 2014.

Colin D. Ellis – Award Winning Speaker and Author of Culture Fix: How to Create a Great Place to Work

Office trips out, those days out, create stories. Culture is just a mix of peoples’ stories. 

Colin D. Ellis is an award-winning international speaker, best-selling author and renowned culture change and project management expert who works with organizations around the world to help them transform how they get things done. Based in Australia, Colin is the author of four books, including his most recent, Culture Fix: How to Create a Great Place to Work. Colin knows that the culture in the workplace has an inestimable impact their organization’s viability, but most leaders admit that their company’s culture isn’t where it should be. Cultivated changes in culture requires time, money, and the active participation of your employees to be successful. Leaders need to prepare their organization for cultural evolution by answering the “why this and why now?” questions and providing a foundation upon which the activity required to deliver the change can be built. Colin Ellis, a renowned culture change expert, has more than 30 years of helping transform organizations around the world.

Gene Goldman – Chief Investment Officer and Director of Research, Cetera Investment Management

Valuations are pretty high. The valuation of the S&P 500 is 17.5 on forward earnings. The long term average is 16. We are a little elevated right now.

Gene Goldman is responsible for the strategic direction and continued growth of the firm’s research offerings. His role includes setting the vision for superior capabilities and enabling the delivery of objective investment advice. He provides day-to-day oversight of Cetera Investment Management, with a focus on providing unbiased research about the economy and financial markets, asset allocation strategies, mutual funds and other investment related topics. Gene also helps oversee the investment committee and their commitment to delivering thought leadership on the economy, financial markets and investment strategies, as well as implementation and practice recommendations for advisors. Gene has more than 24 years of experience in the development of investment strategies, money manager research and overseeing investment analysts.